Embrace Your Inner Warrior

There is lots of talk about change at the moment. Yes, we are still in the first month of the year, and it is a fresh, new year. 2016 was very traumatic, and I think there is probably a general sense that people tried to make things happen gently and peacefully, but in the end, they just didn’t quite get the results they were hoping for. Now, I do not advocate violence. Indeed, I am a very gentle person, but if something upsets me, or I see injustice done to another, especially innocent animals, then my inner warrior will rage. She is wild!

I think we all have an inner warrior. Over the years, we have been taught to suppress that violent, primitive nature. We learned that we didn’t need to fight for everything, because there was generally enough to go around. Some people do feel the need to fight, and they probably channel that in military organisations, or combat sports. My inner warrior does not physically fight, but she will speak up when the need arises, and of course, I am a child of the 80s. I grew up watching action movies and superheroes fight to beat the bad guys, and I wanted to be those superheroes, flashing my sword and saving the day. Don’t we all?


Photo credit English Heritage

Sometimes it is nice to embrace your inner warrior in a more ceremonial sense. You will find many pagans use weapons during sacred rituals. They don’t use the weapons to inflict harm on others. They simply form sigils or symbols in the air, or on a piece of wood or stone, or hold the weapon while they speak sacred words. I felt that connection when I saw a few of the reproduction swords that you can purchase from English Heritage. The Excalibur Sword invoked memories of medieval castles and a fight for honour and strength. This would be a good sacred tool for pagans who feel connected to the myths of Avalon and King Arthur. I would have to find a stone circle somewhere, and wear my floaty medieval dress, so that I could re-enact the scene that plays in my imagination… “I have the power!”

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4 Responses to Embrace Your Inner Warrior

  1. Joyful2bee says:

    I am torn about raging. I want to say things to people who are hating and insulting others and I can face to face with a situation. But on Facebook I often end up feeling guilty or l go overboard and say too much.
    Part of the dicotomy is I had an emotionally abusive husband for thirty years. But I also try to be a peacemaker. After all the arguing now that I am widowed and going on 66 years old, I want my peace and quiet. Yet I feel guilty about that when there is so much trouble in the world. I like what you said about the sword. I think my sword is my blogs, positivity, love, helping others, and showing there are still good people in the world. Thanks for this post and for listening.

    • You are welcome, I am glad you found meaning in my words. Yes, as a writer it is far more therapeutic, and I think effective, to harness our words as our weapons. Let us brandish those spiritual swords in our own way 🙂

  2. eddieskastle says:

    your post really speaks to me on a different level of “warrior-ness”! i am preparing my life and my new blog ( i cant believe i actually started one!) for an upcoming operation. i would like to use my experiences to encourage others who might be going through a similar thing. but, i know it may sound strange, but i am really terrified on the inside about it, the surgery wasn’t fun the first time and this operation won’t be any better. so that is why i need to embrace my inner warrior right now! thank you for such an amazing post, i really needed to read something like that this morning

    • I am so glad that it helped, that’s what I’m here for! You most definitely need your inner warrior for the operation, and know that together you will thrive and recover well. Always have faith in your inner self on these occasions. It is perfectly acceptable to be terrified, well done for voicing your feelings. I am sure there are many other people in similar situations that will be inspired and supported by your words. Many blessings for your improved health! 🙂

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