The Top 10 Improvements To Make To Your Home In 2017

The New Year can bring in a fresh start for your home. If you are looking to upgrade your home- check out these improvement suggestions for 2017:


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  1. Aquabrass Faucets: Available in almost any style, these are a beautiful way to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom.
  1. Kitchen Tile Backsplash: Adding a kitchen tile backsplash is a great way to give your cooking space some style. While traditional kitchen tile backsplash is subtle, modern designers are going for a floor to wall backsplash to really highlight the kitchen space.
  1. Wooden Cabinets: To further warm up your kitchen, consider adding wooden cabinets.
  1. Lighting Fixtures: Changing your lighting fixtures is an easy way to update your home. If you cannot change the fixture, consider making minor changes. For instance, you can change the lightbulbs to give the entire fixture a new look.
  1. Bar Stools: Add comfort and are a great way to turn your kitchen counter a social space.

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  1. Beige: Pastel backgrounds are in- especially beige. Beige makes for a warm backdrop without being too bright, and will work with almost any other colors.
  1. Color: An understated background needs bright colors. Add stained glass, colorful furniture pieces, or plenty of greenery.
  1. Romantic Bedrooms: Consider adding plenty of pink and red to your bedroom for a sensual and romantic feel.
  1. Unique Vanities: Instead of going with a traditional store-bought vanity, consider looking for something vintage or taking on a DIY project to make your vanity truly unique.
  1. Wall Mounted Bath Faucets: These can add flare and style to your bathroom instantly. Consider looking for a faucet that is eco-friendly as well as stylish.

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Make your home a place to cherish and enjoy with some, or all of these improvement suggestions.

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2 Responses to The Top 10 Improvements To Make To Your Home In 2017

  1. Rebecka Vigus says:

    Beige??? Really?? That color makes me vomit. I truly hate beige and grey. Most people paint their entire houses in those colors if they are trying to sell. I need color. Not in your face color, but color.

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