My First Official Summer Holiday with Kids! #TheGoodStuff

How did this happen? We are now just three weeks away from THE BIG SUMMER HOLIDAY, and that means I have a whole 7 WEEKS alone with my children! Aaagghhhh!!!! I mean, what a delightful prospect, time with my little angels. They won’t really be tearing each other apart when they get bored, or fighting over the same toy, or tormenting the dog. My daughters are perfect!

Far from it, and I say this with total love and adoration. My daughters are aged 5 and (nearly) 3, and this summer will be our first official school summer holiday break. I cannot believe my eldest daughter has almost finished her first year at primary school, and my youngest her first year at preschool. Time really does fly. And now I have a long summer ahead of me, because for various reasons, I will mostly be home alone with the children, limited car access, and few available babysitters.

Summer Parent Challenge #TheGoodStuff

I will continue to work from home, but it will be very much a case of grabbing screen time on the computer as and when the children allow it. We have discovered a rather nifty game that they enjoy playing, and that also allows me to continue working. My daughters are very creative. I sit at my dining room table to work on the laptop, and we have a sofa just behind us. They can stand on the sofa, reach behind me, and play hairdressers while I work. They even included a game of pretend body painting last week, and they spent a good half hour or so tickling my arms and face with dry paintbrushes. It was actually really good fun, not least because it allowed me to read and respond to a few emails, while still spending time with my children.

Here’s to the summer holidays!

This post is an entry for the BritMums Confessions of a Summer Parent Challenge, sponsored by Anchor.

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9 Responses to My First Official Summer Holiday with Kids! #TheGoodStuff

  1. just coming to say hi back as I am doing the same challenge!
    Well done on finding games that mean you can do a bit of work, these are games I must try to find but with just the one boy he still prefers to be entertained by me lol.

  2. Wow, hats of to you for doing most of the parenting sole. I would really struggle. Sounds like you have it cracked. Isn’t it great (my boys the same age gap) thay now they are older they play more together. It is a pain being referee a lot abd sometimes feel it is better response to a brick wall. But you are not alone we all embarking on the summer hoilday challenge. We have done it before and we will do it again X

  3. Hope it all works out for you, I have only one child to entertain!

  4. jebjork says:

    and as a gymnastics coach, working in schools, I am looking forward to a long 7 weeks without any children 😉

  5. Well done on the balancing act. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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