My Spiritual Journey: Finding the Best Tarot Readers

Best Tarot Reader

The world is a scary place right now, especially here in the UK following the political debacle that we have all witnessed. Some of us are seeking guidance and answers, and I can recommend the best Tarot readers to help you make sense of the world, and of your place in it at this time.

I used to be a professional Tarot reader a few years ago, but I found the work was too emotionally demanding while I was still in the grip of new motherhood. Perhaps I will return to the profession in later years, I don’t know. I do occasionally ‘play’ with my Tarot cards at home, although I have to say that for any big life decisions or queries, I would seek help from another Tarot reader. The best way to work out a problem, identify a pattern of behaviour, or to find a glaringly obvious answer, is to seek the advice of somebody who is removed from your personal and social circles.

A good Tarot reader will know what you are looking for. They will not simply tell you what you need to hear. They spent many years studying the Tarot, learning about the intricacies and the meanings behind each illustration on those 76-card decks. A Tarot reading is not taken lightly by anybody who reads for a living. They appreciate the mysterious magical forces that operate within the Tarot, and the energy that comes through and manifests in answers and resolutions. The cards are designed to work intuitively with a Tarot reader, and will connect their mystical energy with that of the client during a reading.

Sometimes a Tarot reading will throw up a whole new set of challenges and instructions. Sometimes it will give away very little, and perhaps this is because the person asking questions is not ready to hear the answers that are inevitable. When you seek advice from the Tarot, you must be prepared to have your insides ripped out for inspection, to have your darkest desires and deepest insecurities brought to the surface, and then you must be ready to act on the necessary course of action that will enable you to heal and move on. If you are not ready for this, then you are not ready for a Tarot reading. By all means, go ahead and ask. But do not be surprised if you feel disappointed with the response.

The Tarot cards know when you are serious about fixing a problem or reversing a negative pattern of behaviour. And they will give you the brutal truth about how to set yourself straight again. Similarly, if you are an experienced receiver of Tarot card advice, if you make it a habit to have your cards read frequently, and you are becoming familiar with the images and figures on those cards, your reading will be different again.
Best Tarot Reader Decks

There are many different versions of the Tarot available. The most popular Tarot cards to study with is the Rider-Waite deck. Their images are clearly defined, and each card is labelled so you know what you are working with. They are very user friendly, and I still use mine regularly for this fact. They look simple, but they work on an incredibly deep level. If you wish to attempt a reading with a more complicated Tarot deck, then you have your pick on the market. My current favourite is the Gilded Tarot. These beautiful cards are sensual and colourful, with a very opulent and decadent feel to them. They are very good for readings about romantic relationships and your relationship with your inner self. They also reveal insights about your life partners, and your soul mates, even if you are currently single in daily life. Your partner is out there, somewhere, and often the Tarot can assist you in how best to attract that partner into your life, or how to find them as you go about your business.

Some people prefer to work with Tarot decks that hold darker energies, often referred to as the “shadow self” entities. I have a vampire Tarot deck that does just this, and again it is very beautiful, and very different to my Rider-Waite and my Gilded Tarot. The images on my vampire Tarot cards are Gothic, in shades of black and grey with splashes of red here and there, and glimpses of pale skin. They reveal our most sensitive core, those parts of us that we keep locked away from the rest of the world, that we dare not show, lest we make a fool of ourselves in public or appear weak to those who would seek to ridicule us. The vampire Tarot, and other similar decks, are not to be used when you feel emotionally fragile.

It might all sound very complicated, quite unnerving, and maybe even a little scary, especially if you have never had a Tarot reading before. Or perhaps you have had a Tarot reading and it left a bitter taste in your mouth, and you came away believing that you had been tricked somehow. The truth of the matter is that the reading you received would have given insight that you were perhaps not ready to receive at that time. The Tarot reader might have decided to give you the raw truth in order to gauge your reaction, or because they were guided to do so with your best interests in mind. We never know what will be revealed, or what memories will be dragged to the surface, but we do know that every Tarot reading is unique and very special.

Eventually you may find yourself interpreting the cards along with your Tarot card reader. You will be able to notice the answers, to focus on the most important cards in a spread, and to learn from them. The Tarot is a beautiful and mysterious entity, weaving magic and mystery into mundane life. Your best Tarot reader is waiting for you to explore that magic. Go and get them!

Images used by miradeshazer and glegle under Public Domain CC0


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  1. schattenhexe says:

    Hey Catherine,

    I came here by accident but stumbled on this posting. Could you please say me which Card deck is shown in the middle of your second photo? The one with numbers and frame top left. I already searched the web for it but couldn’t find it.


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