When Life Gets in the Way

It has been a very strange week! I am now in my 37th week of pregnancy, and officially I could expect to go into labour at any time. My daughter was born at 38 weeks, and so I am becoming increasingly nervous and excited with every twinge, every cramp, and every strange sensation I feel in my stomach and lower body. I really feel I have bonded with this pregnancy experience more than I did with my first, and it has been a wonderful adventure. Now I am ready to receive my baby, and I crave the newborn in my arms. I also want to be able to pick up my daughter and sit her on my lap properly again, instead of constantly reminding her to be careful with Mummy’s tummy.

My husband, however, managed to give me a shock on Monday. I cannot give too much detail, suffice to say he had an accident while at work. It involved machinery, there is now an investigation underway, and he is at home with 11 stitches in his left arm, swelling and muscle damage. I  got the phone call late in the afternoon on the day it happened, and was informed that my husband was waiting for an ambulance. I then had to dispatch our daughter to our neighbour’s house, and call on my sister for a lift to the hospital, which happened to be 30 miles away from home, in the city where my husband works.

I haven’t yet properly acknowledged the severity of his accident. I think I am so focused on expecting my new baby, and trying to keep up a normal routine for my toddler, that I am literally running on auto mode. My husband was extremely lucky to come away with his arm mostly intact. He will  heal fairly soon, he has no tendon or bone damage, and the whole incident has been an important lesson for him and his work colleagues. The impact will be widely felt throughout the company it seems. It could have been a lot worse. He could have lost more than his arm, and that is something I have yet to process.

For now, I am happy to have him at home (even though I have to be nurse as well as mother), and to enjoy some family time while we can. I am sort of expecting my baby to make a move this weekend, so if I go quiet online, that might explain it! Of course, the baby might yet decide it is comfortable in my womb, and it may even be late. Who knows? Life is a challenge at the moment, but it is exciting and never a dull moment.


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6 Responses to When Life Gets in the Way

  1. Sorry to hear about your husband. Hope he heals quickly. Good luck with the pregnancy and upcoming birth.

  2. Damyanti says:

    All the best for the upcoming birth, and hope your husband is hale and hearty soon.

  3. scskillman says:

    i will be thinking of you as the time of the birth approaches, and may your husband heal quickly and all go well for you and for the baby.

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