My Spiritual Journey; Growing into Maturity

Today is the return to work after a week off. For me it is a more casual affair, since my work hours won’t start back officially until my daughter starts at playschool next week. My husband returned to work today after a week off to celebrate our birthdays. We had a lovely relaxing time, but now I have to get my business head back on. Oh, and my house cleaning head (not so good!).


It will still be a strange week. I have to attend the Manchester Eye Hospital on Wednesday for surgery. It is only a minor procedure, and the doctors won’t even call it an operation. I will be having electrolysis to remove ingrowing eyelashes from both eyes, under local anaesthetic. It is not a pleasant experience, and the last time I had this procedure was about 6 years ago, so I am little anxious. But, it needs to be done, and I will feel better afterwards.

Moving on from that, I have been feeling especially spiritual this past weekend. It always amazes me how we can experience very profound spiritual changes within ourselves during very routine and boring activities. Here is my latest experience: I was standing in my kitchen washing dishes in the sink and preparing to cook food for tea (or dinner if you prefer). I was listening to Real XS radio, formerly known as Rock Radio that broadcasts from Manchester. A song came on that I hadn’t heard for a long time. It was Unforgiven by Metallica.

All of a sudden I felt a wash of pure energy flow over me. I can only describe it as being similar to pins and needles mixed with cold shivers. It is a very specific sensation that I know from experience tells me I am communicating or connecting with Spirit. I turned away from the sink and looked at the dark kitchen window where I had not yet drawn the blind after sunset. I saw my reflection, and I was drying my hands on a tea towel.

Then I saw my shadow self. She looks exactly like me, but she seems younger, more immature. Her expression was dark and full of angst. She detached from my physical body and stood beside me, glowering like a grumpy teenager. I had to laugh! Apparently I had finally done something to remove the deeply rooted emotions and moods of my teenage years. Throughout my twenties I would veer between extreme mood swings. I always identified with Goth culture, although I never overtly displayed it. I was confused about my identity and my place in the world. I was angry because I never achieved the status of fame and fortune that I dreamed about when I was sixteen.

Now, finally, I am free of those emotions. I no longer need hold on to the anger, frustration and self pity that I wallowed in for so long. Last night signified a huge change in myself as a person and a spiritual being. I am happy and comfortable with myself, my life and my situation. When we can reach that stage in our lives, I feel it is something to be proud of. Have a wonderful week my friends!

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2 Responses to My Spiritual Journey; Growing into Maturity

  1. I like he fact that a song entitled unforgiven has kind of given you a forgiveness that leads to peace. Gotta love the way the cosmos works huh?!

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