Celebrating Imbolc

Phew! It has been a whirlwind of a weekend, and I’m not even sure why or how. I planned to write on here about Imbolc on Saturday, which was the official date for Imbolc. Instead I hardly even glanced at my computer all weekend. But it’s all good. It was meant to be that way.

Last year I spent most of Imbolc immersed in meditation by candlelight as I stepped forward on my spiritual journey. I learned a lot things about humans, about life, and about the world around us during 2012. I also learned that I do not have to adhere to a specific and rigid structure or set of rules in order to be a pagan and celebrate the festivals of the year. There is no right or wrong way. There is only the natural way.


What was natural for me this weekend, was to spend time with family and friends. On Saturday I attended a football game (soccer for my international followers). Most people are aware that I do not follow ‘the beautiful game’ or even actively promote or support it. My reason for attending was in a nurturing capacity for a social enterprise called Girls Out Loud, of which I am a mentor and surrogate ‘big sister.’ Actually, I enjoyed the football, although that was largely attributed to the people I was with.

On Sunday I spent time with my daughter, my younger sister and my spiritual brother. We had planned to do some official Imbolc celebrating, or maybe go for a walk in the woods. As it turned out, we were all fairly lethargic. Instead we spent time at home enjoying each other’s company and discussing things that are important to us. It was a lovely weekend, and I understand that this is the way it should have been. No structure. No ritual. Simply enjoying life and the opportunities around me. Thank you, Goddess.


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4 Responses to Celebrating Imbolc

  1. SC Skillman says:

    A lovely post – I particularly like the images too! Last year I was at a service at Morton Bagot Church, celebrating Imbolc/St Brigid/Candlemas. I wasn’t able to get to it this year, because I was at a community choir rehearsal – Songlines – when we sang a song for Imbolc about St Brigid. I also went to a Candlemas party yesterday (Sunday evening). Here are links to 2 of my posts about Celtic Christian services at Morton Bagot: http://scskillman.com/2012/03/08/water-rock-moon-and-ancient-stone/ and http://scskillman.com/2012/12/03/darkness-into-light-celtic-spirituality-and-our-assimilation-of-the-past-in-the-meaning-of-our-lives/p1180959/
    Thank you for blogging about this Celtic festival!
    SC Skillman, Author, Mystical Circles

  2. oscarsparrow says:

    Thanks for flagging up this pagan festival. I feel the great pull of it all myself and felt my old inner sunflower turning to the sun this morning. In the dawn as I went out to work (no shirking here Mr Cameron), the blackbird was winding himself up for the day. The bulbs are stretching out their necks….yes! the great turn of the universe folds us in and carries us on with its spirit.

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