New Year, New Plans, the Spiritual Journey Continues

Happy New Year my friends! I begin 2013 with a renewed sense of productivity and anticipation of excellent things to come. As we are all prone to do, I found myself assessing my life in 2012 as the year drew to a close. We had a fairly quiet Christmas and New Year celebration, but at the same time it was nice. We spent time with family and friends, we had some rest, and it was peaceful. Yet I also felt restless.


I am not the type of person that can wait patiently for things to come. I am always charging ahead, trying to act on new plans, new ideas, and force my dreams into instant reality. I know that I am not alone with these urges. It is not a new phenomenon. But I spent most of 2012 rocketing between fierce determination and tragic self-pity when things didn’t turn out the way I planned.

I now realise that it was a good year for me. I published my second novel. I wrote another two. I took on some freelance copy editing work and developed a good relationship with the clients in question. I also attempted setting up my own business as a spiritual advisor. This one did not quite work out as anticipated. In fact, I came to realise that yes I can be a spiritual advisor, but it is not my current career path. It is something I do as a way of life.


My career is as a writer. During 2013 I intend to write a hell of a lot more than I did in 2012. I will publish my third Redcliffe novel Love Redeems (A Redcliffe Novel), I will edit a separate manuscript ready for publishing, and I will begin writing book 4 in the Redcliffe Novels series, among other projects. I may also develop my business as a professional copy editor and ghost writer, depending on how things work out.

For my spiritual journey, I will study and practise the things I discovered in 2012. I recently had a Reiki attunement and begun my training in Reiki energy healing. It was something I never really considered before, although I am familiar with the practise of Reiki. Now I am hooked, and I plan to throw myself into my studies of the subject, and of course practise it regularly so that I can improve my skill and develop myself as a healer.


Busy times! I hope you all have a wonderful start to the year, and thanks for your continued support and encouragement my friends. The life of a writer can be a lonely one, even when we are surrounded by family and friends. That is why I truly appreciate all of my followers here on WordPress, and I love to receive feedback on my posts. The old ego does love a bit of attention! Have a great day.

Free-for-All Friday SpookyMrsGreen

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6 Responses to New Year, New Plans, the Spiritual Journey Continues

  1. It sounds as though you have quite the year ahead of you Catherine, and I am sure that you will surpass all of the goals you have set yourself.

  2. e1aine says:

    Well done for everything you’ve achieved in 2012, here’s to 2013!

  3. oscarsparrow says:

    By poet standards you have had a prolific and successful 2012. You seem aware and direct about yourself and these are the qualities that will work with you. Best wishes for what lies ahead. Quite exciting isn’t it!

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