Samhain is the Season of the Witch

October is the month of the witch. Whilst many people are preparing for fun on the night of Halloween, with trick or treating, fancy dress and lots of chocolate and candy on the agenda, witches are already embracing the darker nights and shadowy days as they prepare to celebrate Samhain.

Connect with your ancestors and give thanks for their legacy.

We feel the veil thinning. This is the ethereal layer that separates life and death, and during October we feel a closer connection with our ancestors and those we have lost. We might hold a séance and ask for our ancestors to speak using divination. We might consult the Tarot or visit a medium for guidance. Or we might simply sit in silent contemplation at the graveside or in front of a photograph of the person we miss.

Notice the change of season.

Get outdoors, get lost in the forest, and marvel at the beautiful autumn displays provided by wildlife. You can collect conkers and apples, pick blackberries, and seek out mushrooms in dark corners. Listen out for winter birds, see the squirrels preparing for hibernation, and give thanks for a pleasant and plentiful summer harvest.

Decorate your home for Halloween (Samhain).

This can be done in many ways depending on your mood. I like to have fun with my Halloween decorations, by hanging a handcrafted wreath on my front door, sticking up skeletons, ghosts and spiders on the walls, and adding a few quirky trinkets and ornaments. Some witches prefer to embrace the darkness and choose more Gothic decoration. It is entirely your choice.

Dumb Supper: Host a party or invite friends round for dinner.

Samhain is about honouring our ancestors and celebrating our family, which includes close friends. Why not invite your favourite people round for dinner, make a spicy autumnal punch, and make merry for the season? You could bake an apple cake, make soup, play your favourite spooky songs, and get everyone dancing together.

Indulge in a little fancy dress.

Throughout the month of October, I like to wear my favourite spooky earrings, which include skulls, bats and pentagrams. Actually, I wear these all year round, but especially at Halloween! I also have a few witchy outfits that I like to wear for the occasion. One is a long medieval style dress in crushed velvet, another is a long, black velvet skirt and coordinating top, and finally I have my cute spooky t-shirt with bats and pumpkins printed all over. Have fun, and Happy Halloween!

Poem: Season of the Witch by Catherine Green

When the night grows longer

And the day is short,

The ground grows colder

And the weather is dull,

This is the Season of the Witch.

When you hear a whisper in the dark

And you know you are alone,

What is that sound, a ghost in the air?

Familiar, eerie, a voice in the night,

This is the Season of the Witch.

When you feel a presence

And you look behind,

There stands a figure, familiar, long lost

You feel their magic calling you home,

This is the Season of the Witch.

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