Dragonfae Oracle Card Reading

Today I have conducted a quick Oracle card reading using Dragonfae oracle cards by Lucy Cavendish. These cards appeal to my Celtic nature, and they speak volumes to me about our heritage and ancient history as it reawakens in the twenty-first century.

Dragonfae Oracle Cards

This reading is for people like myself who are experiencing the shift in energy this year. You may be suffering from extreme mood swings, feeling elated one moment and depressed the next. You might just ‘feel’ something unusual that you can’t explain or describe. It is your natural sensitivity trying to alert you to your true purpose on Earth at this time. Will you accept the challenge?

The cards I pulled out were as follows:

The PendragonPure Male Energy
Dragonfae of RebirthWhole Again
DrystanLook Beneath the Surface
The Blue LadyNothing is Impossible
Queen MabYour Ancient Wisdom is awakening.

You feel different. Your life is crazy right now and you don’t know when it will stop and what lies ahead. That is because your future is unwritten. You chose this lifetime and this human experience, but you cannot forget your past. Awaken your true self.

Recognize yourself as a Warrior, a defender and a powerful being of pure Source energy. Remember your past lives and your past selves, and bring forward your strengths to use now, in this existence.

Do not accept everything at face value. You were raised with very specific beliefs and ideas, but many of these no longer feel right. You might be questioning everything you have ever been taught, and it could be an uncomfortable time as you begin to look beyond the organized and ordered life you were accustomed to. Do not fear it. Embrace it. Ask your questions, seek your answers, and always trust your intuition.


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3 Responses to Dragonfae Oracle Card Reading

  1. Thank you, this message was received by me, in Sweden – today, 8/11 -13 – loud and clear. I wanted to let you know, and give my gratitude for these words on my way…!

  2. Micah Robertson says:

    Hi Catherine.
    Through out my life especially over the last few years i have noticed that my sensitivity was able to pick up on all various kinds of things (emotions and thoughts of others, the presents of spirits, and have also felt weird during earth quake on whole other islands. I was raised as a Mormon so have always had alot of love for god. But in saying that I have come to my own conclusion, that there are so many faiths under Christianity condemning each other to hell, and claiming to be the only true word of god. That i figure that they all have a little piece to the puzzle, but because of their arrogance and own agendas. We will never see the full picture during this life time.
    After alot of soul searching and study, I opened my mind completely. Regarding God, witchcraft, the devil, demonology, and even Scientology. In saying this I have so often been put in random situations, like the one i was put in recently, that it is almost an everyday thing.
    Like……. when i was hitching at the age of 16-17 i was reluctantly picked up by a quite grumpy old witch who seemed to be having an argument with a spirit I’m guessing in the back with how to put across a message. Meeting various em-paths, or otherwise open minded and gifted people on once off meetings in random.
    I was getting guidance and counselling from a Maori spirit guide until a few weeks ago when she sadly died. When she was helping me in life, she had told me that i was in a crystalys stage of a metomophis. But she also gave me a message after death telling me to stop taking the antidepressants that the others docs had put me on. That I need to be able to feel it all positive and negative.
    Any way…. sorry Im rambling…. I have had quite a few tarot readings, and alot of the time I have been told to read them my self. like the other night. During my personal reading (without the owner of the deck around) ye all by myself! One of the messages that was given was I need to start practising with cards. So saying that…. I had no cards, and kind of brushed it off. I gave the cards back and said thank you. When she went away and pulled out the dragonfae cards(which I instantly fell in love with). She did however mention that other mediums had come around and would not touch them due to I dont know. And then unexpectantly gave me the set. YAY!
    Being my first set ever I am very excited to get started but wont start until i have a question answered.. I read up to the meanings of the cards, where I asked the cards what message do they bring for me. I opened to a random page and felt like i was greeted by Gwynne & Elluish, and then i opened to another random page and met with Andelle at which stage and ever since I just feel like crying….. In saying all this my question is. Are these cards just for females? I just don’t want to break any rules. Either way Im keeping them for ever!!! Please reply if you know.

    • Hello Micah. Wow, what a message! No, the Dragonfae cards are definitely NOT just for women. In fact, I think it is wonderful that you are so open minded and clear headed enough to make your own choice about what path you follow under the ‘Almighty God.’ It sounds like you are on an exciting spiritual journey and I recommend you take some time to play with the cards, ask them questions, read up on them, and generally get a feel for how they work. Clearly they were meant for you at this time, so go for it, and enjoy! Oh, and my personal opinion is that there are no rules. Humans make up rules to satisfy their own egos and interpretations. Go with what you feel is correct, and as long as you live peacefully, all will be well.

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