Paranormal Fiction with Pride

Did you know that my novels and short stories feature characters of all identities, including LGBTQ+? That is not the focus of my stories, it is simply an element of the characters’ personalities and happened naturally during the writing process.

Take Danny Mason in the Redcliffe novels series. He is an identical twin to his vampire brother. He is werewolf Alpha to the Redcliffe wolf pack. He is bisexual.

Then we meet Meredith Hanson in Vampire of Blackpool. She is a vampire. She has been alone for decades. She is attracted to both men and women but falls in love with a female witch in this story. Yet I wouldn’t label her as bisexual. I would say she is more likely pansexual or queer if you wanted to describe her identity.

And then there is Hannah Oakley in Return of the Vampire Hunter. She is a married mother in a heterosexual relationship. She is a retired vampire hunter. She returns to work to destroy the female vampire that she fell in love with many years before meeting her husband. Does she identify as straight or bisexual? I truly don’t know!

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