The Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant – Bringing People Together

I have never considered myself much of a royalist. I mean, yes, I admire the British royal family and am always interested to hear what is happening that might be relevant to myself as a Briton. But I didn’t quite understand what all the fuss was about the Jubilee celebration. It all seemed a bit far-fetched and an expense that we, the tax-payers could do without.


However, I found myself watching the Thames Pageant, where the river Thames has become the centre of activity for the first time in many years. This time, the Thames is the sight of celebration and joy. In previous years it was the hub of the Industrial Revolution, the World Wars, and many other battles and challenges that have occurred throughout British history. Today I am very happy to see so many people simply having fun.

As usual, the weather is pretty dismal. No, the weather is very dismal! In true British tradition, the Powers that Be have gifted us with several weeks of scorching heat and beautiful sunshine, only to bring out the rain clouds when we are given a long weekend of celebration. Typical! But that will not deter us. We Brits are a tough nation, especially when it comes to our weather.

I am sitting at home, dry and warm, watching the festivities on BBC television. I actually wish I was there in London, to truly be a part of the big celebration. It looks like a fabulous party, and I love watching boats go by. Indeed, living in a canal town, I always get excited when we go for our daily walk and I spot new boats on the water. I am also very excited about the upcoming Middlewich Folk and Boat festival.

So there we have it. There are many people with very contrasting views about the royal family and their position in society. I am sort of stuck in the middle, because my maternal siblings are very much in support of Her Majesty, since my grandfather is a Navy veteran. My in-laws on the other hand, are anti-monarchy, as is my husband. I just enjoy seeing the festivities, and I love it when people come together to simply have fun and forget about their troubles and woes for a few hours. Keep your chin up, Britain! Enjoy the big party!

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1 Response to The Diamond Jubilee Thames Pageant – Bringing People Together

  1. e1aine says:

    Well said. Let’s face it, any excuse for a party!

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