Daily Vampire Tarot Reading #spiritual

This is a daily Tarot reading for people who are struggling in their career, or those trying to decide whether to take the plunge and quit the current job. If you are threatened with redundancy, or you are bored and restless, this reading is for you. I was drawn to use my Vampire Tarot cards for this query. The cards are very dark and bleak at first glance, but they offer very powerful and strong messages. If you are reading this and the question about your career or job has been an issue recently, then this is definitely a message you cannot ignore.


The cards I drew from my Vampire Tarot deck were as follows:

Temperence; The Devil; The Tower; Death; Nine of Pentacles; Ten of Pentacles; The Star; The Hanged Man.

These were serious cards! This reading is actually very powerful, and I could have read a lot more into it for an individual person. Clearly there are many people in this situation in life, and my guides are desperate to help. Here is the Tarot reading:

You fear the unknown. A part of you wants to break free of this endless monotony, but you force yourself to continue because it is familiar. But it is no longer a safe option. The world is changing, your company is changing, and your job is changing.

To fear the unknown is to fear what you already experience. The outer world is actually more welcoming than you might think. It is time to be brave. Try out that new idea that has been haunting you. Train in a new profession, or even set up your own business. See the beauty in the dark place you currently inhabit.


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2 Responses to Daily Vampire Tarot Reading #spiritual

  1. I’ve always been intrigued by Tarot. And vampire Tarot just has to be golden.

    • Yes these cards really are special! They are especially powerful for me because I have a life-long fascination with vampires, so I really connect with them for readings and divination. Thanks for your comment.

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