My Daughter the Unwitting Wigan FC Supporter

Yes, I know. I am a bad mother. My poor baby daughter is barely 1 year old, and she is being brainwashed into being a supporter for Wigan FC. It is very bad, and totally not my doing. I cannot stand football. It is boring, I detest the media obsession with it, and I have never forgiven my husband for tricking me when we first started dating.

“Oh I don’t really like football,” Daniel blithely declared back in our younger days, “I’m more into heavy metal music.” he said. Phew! I could live with that. In fact, I was quite happy to  have a boyfriend who played lead guitar in a rock band. Oh, for those innocent young days!

Fast forward ten years or so, and the rock band is still going, although the line-up has altered slightly. And now I am resigned to the fact that my husband carries a season ticket for Wigan FC, and has done for the past four years. He sort of slipped in his football obsession as our relationship deepened, and now there is no going back.

Anyway, what prompted this article, was a letter my baby daughter received in the mail yesterday. Apparently she is now a member of the Wigan FC Young Supporters Club. She received a copy of their magazine Team Latics. Oh dear.

The poor girl will be brainwashed before she can even talk properly. I only hope that her other granddad doesn’t start signing her up to the Stoke City FC Young Supporters Club, if there is such a thing. Or that her aunty resists the urge to introduce her to Manchester United (although poor Elliot does already own a football strip that I have buried in a drawer in her room). What is it with this football obsession? And when will it end?


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