Dreaming about Books, and my personal Library

“There is a place, not far from here. It resides in my mind, a dream so near.”

My fellow UK based parents may recognise this line that I adapted from a popular children’s television show. I do love to play with words! The place in my mind is my personal library. It is a room where the walls are lined with books from floor to ceiling. The shelves are built of dark, antique wood, most probably bought at a rural antique centre that I enjoy visiting.

The only parts of my personal library that aren’t lined with books, are the space where there is a large open fireplace, and french windows leading out into my garden. At present this beautiful room is a figment of my imagination, or a part of my subconscious if you believe in realms beyond the physical. There is a thick patterned carpet on the floor, and it is red with a design I have not yet chosen.

Situated between the fireplace and the french windows is my desk. This is also an antique piece of furniture, with a comfortable office chair behind it. On the desk sits my laptop computer, and a pile of books that I am currently reading for both research and pleasure. There is also a pad of paper and a selection of pens. I always need something to write on at short notice.

Near the fireplace, in front of my bookshelves, is a comfortable sofa, probably a two-seater. I will curl up on this when I am not working. It is my sanctuary, my escape from the world. There is a floor lamp nearby, because I don’t really like bright overhead lighting. I prefer a room with shadows and a peaceful atmosphere.

The only other furniture I envision in my library is a stepladder propped against the bookshelves. Perhaps the room will fill up the more I imagine it. Maybe when it becomes a reality I will find more furniture and more space to utilize. I don’t know. The joy is in the imagining, or the manifestation.

Our mind is a powerful tool. Since I unlocked my creativity and allowed myself to explore the realms of my psyche, I have written 3 novels, several short stories, and numerous articles. I am now writing a fourth novel, and have outlines for three more. Busy times! Now, as soon as my book deal comes through, I will make my dream library a reality when we move house…

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