Book Review: Dìonadair: Tango Down Duology Part 1 – A Scottish second chance romance by Louise Murchie

It’s a long time since I read a book that stayed with me like this one. I got so hooked that I had to read it in one day, wandering around the house with my kindle in my hands, trying to multitask. That is the sign of a good book for me!

My Review

The bit I enjoyed most was the three-way relationship that developed between Blythe and her men (brothers, by the way). Maybe it speaks to my inner thoughts, but I found it fascinating and interesting to read. Throw in the military references, modern technology, suspense, and mystery, and you have an intense book to read.

I haven’t read anything like this before and now I’m desperate for the sequel. Mature characters, tech galore, suspense and action. And let’s not forget the 3-way sex and lots of it! I like that the story is set in Edinburgh, it makes a nice change from the heavy London focus for this type of novel. I loved it!

About the Book

In a web of mysteries, she must protect the men she loves. Can she unravel the threads and hold danger at bay?

Marcus McGowan: one night is all we had – one night filled with fire and passion that I never thought would be repeated. Years later, luck has our paths crossing once again. My brother and I are her new employers, and it doesn’t take long for business and pleasure to mix when she discovers we’re being threatened. We use the company’s skill to track down our assailants, but it’s Blythe that draws their attention so my brother can do what he does best; extract me from the situation. Blythe is our Dìonadair, our Defender, but she has become so much more than that. She has become the woman that we both love, our everything.

Blythe Grievson: Whoever is threatening my men and our company: is a fool. They didn’t factor in my tenacity, my need for answers, or my skills into their equation. These men have captured my heart, given me a Nirvana that I never thought existed. When I promise to defend them, a pact is made that I cannot let anyone break.

Dìonadair is a second chance romance set in Edinburgh, Scotland. It tells of mature characters ménages a trios/polyamorous, suspense love story with two ex-military personnel and is the first part of the #tangodownduet.

This does contain mature content and is suitable for 18+

You can find Louise Murchie on social media and you can buy the book here.

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