Anxiety Is More Common Than You Think

No one is exempt from anxiety. Everyone will at some point in their lives, experience an episode of anxiety. But why? Why is it that we almost have no other option but to go through our own episode of anxiety? Why do we have these moments of doubt, self-loathing and worry about things we cannot control?

It seems like this is nothing new, but we just don’t have as many options to deal with it. Once upon a time when people felt anxious, they could go for a walk through a forest or field, they could travel around the country for very little and they could try different things in order to find a profession. Nowadays with bills and responsibilities, it feels like we don’t have time to slow down. 


Does anxiety play a role?

Some say that anxiety plays a role in how we look at the world. The body is producing chemicals and thoughts that make us feel anxious because it’s trying to warn us of something. There is a lot of conflicting research for this, but it seems like anxiety is something that was part of our survival mechanism. Imagine our ancestors wandering into a forest. They might not be able to cognitively explain why they feel the need to back out slowly, but chances are on some subconscious level they sense a predator watching them. Nowadays anxiety is far more complex, and it could be something that is there to warn us of something that is not safe for us.

How many feel it?

At least 18% of the American population feel anxiety. That is about 40 million people. So there is 1/5 of a chance that you may feel anxious more than other people, making you part of that large minority. When you think about it, those odds are not in our favor. 1 out of every 5 people will have some kind of anxiety-related disorder, changing the way they behave, think and see the world. This will then affect the people around them and this can have a knock-on effect. Anxiety can change whole societies if there are enough people with anxiety located in a small area. So why is it so common these days?

The social fabric

One of the reasons is, the social fabric has never been so thin. So many people are in total disagreement with each other, there is social upheaval in politics, economics and in culture. If you feel these things affect you and you want to know how to deal with them, speak with professionals like that actually help people with anxiety. If you suffer from social anxiety, this kind of service could help you to understand why and how to deal with it. 

Anxiety will affect you or someone you know sooner or later. It’s best to figure out why, what it could be telling you and if you think it’s being triggered by something external. 

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