As experts claim COVID-19 has perpetuated a mental health crisis, Dragonfly CBD offers a science-backed calming solution

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Anxiety is on the rise in the UK as new research[1] commissioned by Dragonfly CBD, the evidence-backed CBD range, loved, and trusted by Brits, has revealed how 47% of those questioned admit they feel pressure to be perfect. What’s also worrying is that 48% of people feel more stressed than they did a year ago.

Living with the COVID-19 pandemic and the pressure to remain healthy are the main reasons behind a surge in anxiety and stress.  “Living with a ‘killer pandemic’ has come a rise in health ‘perfection’, as we all did our best to avoid COVID-19, despite many of us being vaccinated,” says Natural Health Expert from DragonflyCBD, Dr Tim Bond, who explains how our diet, sleep, stress levels, exercise, and relationships have been placed under the spotlight since  COVID-19 struck.

Added to this, social media is contributing to the pressure. “We’re scrolling endlessly, comparing ourselves to the people on the screens in front of us,” says Dr Tim Bond. In fact, the research has found that 28% of respondents feel pressure to look perfect, 21% feel pressure with how they look and 20% feel pressure as a partner.

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Community pharmacist, Sultan ‘Sid’ Dajani, says that: “When seeking remedies for anxiety and stress, these can typically be time-intensive and often involve long NHS waiting times. However, there are solutions available over the counter, such as CBD oils like Dragonfly CBD oil, which helps reduce negative effects associated with stress and anxiety.”

The new data states that 62% of respondents would try a safe, natural therapy to reduce this stress, and Dragonfly CBD fits the bill. Studies have proven how CBD has been shown to reduce conditioned fear[2] and anxiety.[3],[4],[5],[6]  There’s even evidence, which emerged from a double-blind placebo-controlled study with social anxiety disorder, which found that treatment with CBD before simulated public speaking actually reduced anxiety in speech performance.

This 100% organic, science-backed solution comes from the hemp plant, known as Cannabis Sativa L.

However, it’s important to note that CBD doesn’t induce the ‘high’ often associated with cannabis as it’s free from Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Dragonfly CBD guarantees that all its products are THC free, helping to reassure the 12% of respondents who say CBD ‘scares’ them. With cutting-edge extraction and formulation techniques, all Dragonfly CBD products are independently tested for quality and safety,[7]  so shoppers can feel reassured that they are using the very best in class when it comes to quality and safety.

Even Britain’s greatest ever female skier Chemmy Alcott claims that Dragonfly CBD has been a fantastic addition to her day-to-day life, citing its seed-to-shelf attributes as a major positive. “I can’t believe the difference Dragonfly CBD has made. I feel like I am giving my body the best that I can, so I can be the best I can be. Plus, it’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to rely on taking pharmaceutical medicines.”

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Dragonfly CBD: from seed to shelf

To guarantee efficacy, Dragonfly does everything themselves. That’s why Dragonfly nurture and harvest the Cannabis Sativa plants that grow in their fields in Bulgaria, and then manage the entire production process from seed to shelf, for quality, reliability, and safety. Click here to visit.

About Dragonfly Biosciences

Dragonfly CBD can be found at a variety of reputable stockists on the UK high street including Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and in pharmacies where professional advice may be sought on appropriate use of the product. Dragonfly CBD is available in two ranges – narrow spectrum and broad spectrum – and in a range of strengths to take by mouth. Vitamin D is included in some oral preparation to facilitate consumers obtaining the UK government recommended daily dose of this essential vitamin. With cutting edge extraction and formulation techniques, all Dragonfly CBD products are independently tested for quality and safety.[8]  Dragonfly also produces a CBD skin care range.


Energise your daily self-care routine with CBD skincare from Dragonfly CBD, crafted for healthier skin. Created by the very best brains when it comes to skincare, the Dragonfly CBD skincare range for the face, body, and lips, has been designed to leave your skin feeling loved and cherished.  Independently tested, quality and safety sit at the heart of the Dragonfly CBD skincare range. The range includes a body moisturiser, face cream and lip balm in a range of formats to suit all beauty needs.

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  1. Invisibly Me says:

    It’s amazing to see how CBD, something most of us hadn’t even heard of, has boomed over the last couple of years. I think I’ve heard of Dragonfly CBD before but I’m not sure where from, and I had no idea places like Tesco & Sainsbury’s stock it, so that’s cool as it makes it more accessible for those who don’t shop online or who are hesitant to trust a brand they’ve not shopped with before. It works differently for everyone just like any product does, but I think CBD is well worth trying in case it can be even just a little beneficial in some way, such as for stress and anxiety. xx

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