#Ad: My Spiritual Journey: Guidance from a Psychic Reader

Have you had a spiritual reading from a psychic or professional Tarot card reader before? Maybe you are curious to try it and receive guidance for your personal challenges.

I have had several readings over the years from different people, mostly at Mind, Body and Spirit events in the UK. I never got round to having a reading via phone, but I was recently offered the opportunity. Ask the Answer is an online community of psychic readers that provide guidance for you in all areas of your life. They work with ancestors, spirit guides, Tarot Cards, aromatherapy, and other tools, and some of the readers are certified Life Coaches, Astrologers and Mediums. Whatever you need, I am sure you will find it on Ask the Answer.

My phone reading was with Yvette, and I wasn’t sure what to expect or how we would begin our communication. Yvette immediately put me at ease when I told her this was my first phone reading. Her energy was warm and comforting, and I almost felt like we were old friends sitting together. She explained her reading process, which includes a Tarot card reading. Yvette asked for my star sign to make her psychic connection, and then she asked how I wanted to choose the cards. I requested that she choose them at random once I had asked her to stop shuffling the cards.

My personal life is in a strange place and that came out in the reading. I had barely spoken when Yvette asked if I was dealing with concerns relating to money and relationships. My answer was yes. I tried to elaborate but she stopped me, saying that Spirit would communicate what she needed to know for our conversation. She told me each of the cards as she pulled them from the deck, and we engaged in a lively discussion as she read for me. My reading proved transformational, confirming what has been in my mind recently, and everything that she told me made perfect sense. I have been through a long period of emotional struggle and coping with challenging people, but I felt that my time had come to move forward. Yvette confirmed this, repeating the words, “tension,” “transformation” and “resolution” during our reading.  

The phone call ended quite abruptly when the allocated time had lapsed, and I was surprised to be cut off mid-sentence from my reader. I was given the option to pay for additional time on our call, but I declined, although I was very tempted to continue as I really enjoyed the reading. Personally, I feel able to consult my own Tarot cards to continue the spiritual conversation, but if you are new to psychic readings or you don’t feel confident to seek your guidance internally, you would do well to try an online psychic reader like the ones at Ask the Answer. The phone reading lasts for around 20 minutes. 

To make it more affordable, Ask the Answer offer membership to their Purple Hearts Club, where you earn credits from your readings to save up for a free phone reading, and you have access to lots of free content such as virtual readings, special offers, horoscopes and information about all aspects of spiritual guidance and personal coaching.

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*This is a collaborative article, and I received a free phone reading in return for an honest review.


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