My Vampire Boyfriend (A Redcliffe Anthology) #TheRedcliffeNovels

Happy Hump Day! Here is an excerpt from one of the short stories in My Vampire Boyfriend (A Redcliffe Anthology). This is a collection of stories with a sexier, more explicit edge, perfect to read on the beach.


“Why must you run away from our wolf, Jessica?”

I opened my eyes as I heard the voice of my animal familiar, Suri, drifting through my head. Rinsing shampoo out of my hair, I angled my head forward so the jet of hot water hit my shoulder blades. The shower pressure was nice and strong, and I took a moment to savour the sensation, almost like a massage. My shoulders were very tense these days.

“I didn’t run away from him, Suri,” I said out loud to the empty bathroom, “He was busy with Simon and I didn’t want to intrude.”

“He always has time for us,” my snow tiger insisted, “You are his mate. You come before all others in his pack, and you know it.”

I shuddered even with the heat of the shower enveloping me. This magic was very strong, and very potent. It frightened me, not least because I was the one that had made the connection with Danny, and I didn’t know how. Apparently, my animal familiar was powerful in her own right, but she remained trapped in a magical world somewhere within my psyche. I couldn’t explain it to anyone, although I had tried with my human best friend Liz. It was difficult.

“I am not his mate,” I insisted, smoothing conditioner into my hair, “I am his friend. And I am his brother’s girlfriend.”

This anthology contains adult themes, and scenes of a sexual nature. The short stories offer a glimpse into the sexual adventures of a fledgling witch, her vampire and werewolf, and their friends in various situations.

Available at Amazon US; Amazon UK

#TheRedcliffeNovels Series

The Redcliffe novels series follow the adventures of bookshop owner Jessica Stone as she meets a man and falls in love, only to discover the hidden werewolf secrets of her close friends. That includes Simon Bunce, manager of the Ship Inn, who turns out to be lieutenant to the Redcliffe werewolf pack, and lover to the wolf alpha Danny Mason. He fights to protect his master from the ethereal animal familiar who threatens to claim their pack. Who knew the Cornish coast could be so deadly?

Click here for more details about the Redcliffe Novels series.

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