Reflections on a School Year during the Covid-19 Pandemic

We have reached the end of another school year. This was yet again a school year like no other. We spent two months in lockdown doing home-schooling at the start of 2021. We adhere to new regulations, restrictions and practices. My children have lost out on so much. But we made it through.

How has your school year been from 2020-21? My daughters were in Year 3 and Year 5, and both missed out on residential trips that they had been looking forward to. My younger daughter has lost out on experiences that my elder daughter enjoyed when she was in Year 3. My elder daughter lost out on experiences that should have given her more independence as a child in an older year group. Instead, she is left feeling unsure about doing things by herself, she is not ready to go far from my side, and her mental health has taken a hit. Both daughters have felt the sting of the pandemic.

This week I received my daughters’ school reports, and they were both excellent as always. Yes, there are areas that need improvement, but the overall report is more than satisfactory. I know that my girls can do what they need to, they are articulate and intelligent. What I want them to experience is the wider world, meet different people, try different things. Unfortunately, our small world has closed down even more due to the pandemic, and we have had to go along with it. They are not allowed to interact with each other at school because they are in class bubbles, and that has been hard for my younger daughter who looks up to her big sister and looks to her for help when she needs it.

We end the year feeling tired, a bit fed-up with the pandemic situation, and ready for some time out. It should look and feel more normal when we return in September, but then I will have the emotional challenge of applying for high school. I’m not ready! I am so proud of my daughters for facing the challenges and smiling throughout everything. They have gone through a lot of upheaval during the past eighteen months, certainly something I never experienced at their age. They deserve a treat. And I know just what that will be! Here’s to a fun, relaxing, and loving summer holiday.

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