Shall We Get a Kitten?

I have always considered myself a dog person, but recently the opportunity arose for me to adopt a kitten (or two) and now I am thinking about the implications of my decision. I welcome any advice in the comments below!

My youngest daughter has always loved cats. She had a special relationship with her grandma’s cat as a toddler and has been asking for one for years. We have always had dogs. We now have a rescued Staffy X who is 4 years old and full of attitude. My husband thinks that he will eat a kitten. I am not so sure. I believe that if we introduce the dog and the kittens carefully, maintaining safe distances and never leaving them unsupervised together, we can all learn to live together happily. It might even calm the dog down, once he knows he is not king of the household.

I borrowed some books from our local library for advice and have been reading them with my children. We have a room that can become a temporary nursery while the kittens are young, we have time to devote to them, and I think they will provide a good distraction from the outside world as we continue to navigate through the pandemic. I would rather have my children at home playing with kittens this summer if I’m honest, and we have no big plans for holidays away from home.

The final push for me was that the kittens we are looking to adopt will be ready to leave their mother at around the time of my daughter’s birthday at the beginning of August. It’s a sign! Oh, and they are black cats, so they will make perfect familiars for me and my little witchlings… Ok, I don’t need convincing. Call me cat and dog Mom!

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7 Responses to Shall We Get a Kitten?

  1. I recently fostered a greyhound/staffy cross who was very keen to hunt cats, but that could have been the greyhound in him – greyhounds are notoriously bad with cats. You obviously have a responsible attitude and you’ve done your homework, so as long as you’re careful it could work.

    • Thanks Annabelle. I’ve worked hard with Marley and he’s a lot calmer now than when he first came to us. I think a few more pets in the house might teach him to share, but we will approach it carefully.

  2. From what I’ve seen and read, you need to make Marley feel he is still the king of the house, and that Mom will always love him best. Then he won’t see the newcomers as a threat and leave them alone. Dogs are pack animals, so they can get along with other pets just fine as long as they are introduced properly. If Marley feel these new animals are going to replace him in your affections, he will do his best to remove them. Just an opinion.

  3. Invisibly Me says:

    Awww it sounds like a wonderful thing to be able to do in giving them a home, and I’m sure your youngest daughter will think you’re the best mum in ever (for a while, at least 😉). I’d agree that introducing the doggos to the cat(s) slowly should work well. It’s cat being mean to dogs that I would worry about, like I don’t think my Virgil would take kindly to me bringing a dog home. Would you have them as indoor and outdoor cats? I suppose that’s something to think about with keeping them safe. Our cat is both, but we lock him in the garage overnight to keep him safe as there are urban foxes and vicious other cats around, and in the day he’s good with navigating around the road safely thankfully.

    I think you already know the answer to your question. If you think about how you’d feel if you don’t bring them home, then you’ll be even more sure of it.


    Caz xx

    • Thanks Caz. Yes, I have made up my mind after getting advice from friends with cats and dogs. We will introduce the pets gradually before the kittens move in and they will have a room to stay in away from the dog if they need quiet time. Eventually I will introduce them to the garden but will try and keep them at the back of the house away from the road. There are already 3 neighbourhood cats that visit our garden regularly so I will be cautious 😉

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