Back to School (Again)

Yes, today is Back to School day here in England. It feels odd because our children have been learning from home for the past two months. They have still been at school, but not physically at school. I’m not sure how I feel about them going back to the classroom today.

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You see, we have fallen into a new routine and for the past two months my girls have worked steadily from home fulfilling the daily schedule sent from school. There were a few hiccups and we did have phone calls from the teachers asking why they weren’t doing their work at one point, but it seemed to motivate them and since then they have done very well. It has been a challenge. I have had to supervise two children from two different classes (Year 3 and Year 5). Some of the subject matter is completely new to me and I’m sure I never learnt it at school. It left me wondering just what do they need to learn and what exactly does our school curriculum aim to teach?

In the midst of homeschool I have continued to work on my freelance business and keep up with social media for my reiki therapy business, since that one is closed until mid-April and I need to keep customers aware of me. Then I have been ensuring the dog gets his daily exercise, the housework is done, groceries are ordered in good time, we stay clean and healthy, and we eat properly. Where we managed to fit fun activities and downtime in there I do not know. It is a struggle.

We have only three weeks left now until we finish for the school Easter holiday. Is it worth going back to school for three weeks when we are used to doing it at home? I suppose it is on the one hand, because I need some alone time to work on my business. On the other hand, shouldn’t we simply have a fresh start in the Summer term? Some people say this is a test for the spread of disease. If there is no sudden spike in Coronavirus cases during the Easter holiday, we can deduce that our schools are safe, and the virus is not being passed around in those organisations.

What if we do have a sudden increase in Coronavirus cases during the Easter holiday as a result of the return to school? Will it mean that our roadmap out of lockdown has to be rewritten? Will our businesses not reopen in mid-April as currently planned? Will we return to full lockdown regulations? There are far too many questions and while I am happy to send my children back to school, I still feel anxious about what lies ahead. We have a long way to go with this pandemic. We will get through it.

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4 Responses to Back to School (Again)

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Love the pics! It’s a tricky one, but I hadn’t realised it’s only 3 weeks until the Easter holidays. I’m not a parent so I have no real place to offer my opinion, but I will anyway 😉 I think it’s great your kids have got into a good routine, which couldn’t have been easy. It seems like a lot of upheaval and risk at this time, especially if infections soar again and half the schools get shut, with parents not knowing whether they’re coming or going. Let’s just hope things go as smoothly and safely as possible..!!

    Caz xx

  2. RaisieBay says:

    This totally resonates with me and is basically the same as a post I have in my drafts. I didn’t press publish as I went off on a tangent and I’m not always sure it’s right to share everything on my blog. I hope the kids stay safe and it turns out not to cause another rise. Enough loss already x

    • I felt I had to say what we were all thinking. I know we must move on and live properly again, and I much prefer my children being in school, but that doesn’t stop me worrying about whether we are doing the right thing or not.

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