2020: The Year that Never Happened

Phew! We made it to the end of 2020. Well, some of us made it. My condolences to those who are grieving for loved ones lost to Covid this year. And those lost to other illness or accidents. It has been a long and lonely year for me, as I finally realised that my marriage had collapsed during the first lockdown. I had to stay strong for my children, but I admit I did break down on regular occasions. I’m only human.

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My Reiki practice reached new heights this year. Despite the pressure of home schooling, training our rescue dog, redecorating the house (I started that in 2019 and refused to leave it until it was done), I kept up my practice because it was vital to my survival at the time. Were it not for Reiki and the regular Zoom meetings with my teacher and fellow students, I know I would have ended up in a very fragile situation. I am proud to have achieved my Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher certification in Autumn 2020, and I look forward to developing my part-time business as we move into the new year.

Even though we spent most of the year at home, I feel we have been busy. My children and I tried to make the most of our time in lockdown. We tried homeschooling but they informed me in no uncertain terms that I am not a teacher, our home is not school, and they could not do their schoolwork in the same way. We settled for a bit of basic maths and English, lots of reading, occasional science projects, a bit of baking and a lot of creative crafts. When they returned to school it felt good to get back in routine but we are now are recovering from an exhausting Autumn term.

Life happens regardless of what goes on around us. My children and I have all dealt with minor health concerns throughout the year. We have argued, cuddled, shouted, and played together. We spent time with friends when it was allowed. We enjoyed canalside walks and outdoor coffee shop meetings. I made the most of time alone when they were back in school, and I have worked hard at my freelance businesses.

How did you find 2020? Were you busy at home, did you carry on as normal throughout, or did you completely change your lifestyle habits? Let’s share our stories…

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2 Responses to 2020: The Year that Never Happened

  1. Nicely put Catherine. I guess, apart from the obvious, 2020 came and went like any other year. Only the problems were magnified 100 times. People still got ill, some businesses did well while others sadly shut. You did well home schooling, my daughter is a year 1 teacher and the parents have never been more grateful for what she does. I hope 2021 is a healing year for you. And for us all.

    • Thank you, Ian. I admired my children’s teachers before the pandemic, but now they are like gods to me! I cannot cope with children all day long, that much I learned during lockdown 😉

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