Tarot Card Reading for New Year

Making sense of our situation as we move into 2021. Life, coronavirus, lockdown and everything else.

Today I bring you the Cross Tarot Spread, and a Tarot card reading with my Vampires Tarot of the Eternal Night card deck. These cards are beautiful, dark and desolate, but they are not all miserable and depressing. There is light in the darkness, as this reading foretells.

1, Yesterday: What led to the current situation

Eight of Swords – Bound. Solitude. This card shows something held captive against its will. There is a familiar feeling with this creature. We have been instructed to stay at home and save lives while the coronavirus pandemic worsens here in the UK. We have had a series of local lockdowns, various restrictive measures introduced in different counties, and a general feeling of abandonment and loneliness. We are forced into solitude, isolated by an invisible enemy. We feel angry and bitter.

2, Tomorrow: The Immediate Future

Ten of Swords – Dreams. We have all sacrificed something during 2020. Many of us had to postpone our dream holidays, wait to move house, or even move back in with parents and leave behind a life just started. Some have lost people they shared dreams with. Others have birthed new dreams during isolation. Some have let go of an old way of life to make way for a new one. Tomorrow is a better day.

3, What is hidden: Events or facts that you are not aware of

The Wheel of Fortune – Cycles. I got shivers when I studied this card. It has a personal message for me. There is a bigger picture here. As the wheel turns and we watch life pass us by, what do we learn? What have we learned during the pandemic? I choose not to worry about what may or may not happen. I believe that this is part of a cycle, and we humans will eventually learn about ourselves and the way we respond to situations. We don’t really know what is happening with the pandemic. We each have a personal experience. This is a vision quest, a chance to look within while we are separated from our fellow human beings, and to find ourselves in the truest sense.

4, What is known: Events or facts that you are aware of

The Sun – Happiness. We do know that the sun will rise again. Oddly enough, we have enjoyed a surprise fall of snow in the UK this week. Here in Cheshire we rarely have snow, and certainly not enough to play in. It landed just close enough to call this season a white Christmas, and it brought some cheer to our lives. Mother Nature knows what to do. We know that the pandemic will not last forever. It will continue to disrupt our lives in 2021, but we will learn to live with it. We smile, we make jokes, we see the brighter side in an otherwise dark situation. Live in the moment and cherish each precious memory and warm feeling.

. 5, The Path: The Tarot’s Advice

The Empress – Creation. Forget the wider world right now. Look within. Are you living from the heart, or the head, or both? If you are naturally creative, then unleash your gifts. Even if you don’t share them with the world, you will feel better for practicing your craft, whatever that might be. If you are naturally intellectual, then have some fun with it. Engage with your peers. Set the world to rights. Express yourself and the world will open up and feel a little less stifling.

6, The Truth: The Response

Seven of Pentacles – Reward. What are you working on right now? Perhaps you are a parent focused on supporting your children through the pandemic. Maybe you are involved in developing vaccines or treatments for today’s modern diseases. It might be difficult to see a reward for your hard work just yet but take satisfaction in the process. Each step is precious and moves your closer to your goal. Keep nurturing your dreams. Believe in yourself. Surround yourself with supportive people. Happy New Year!

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2 Responses to Tarot Card Reading for New Year

  1. I love this positive and encouraging reading. I particularly like the idea of lockdown being a vision quest, a time to live in the moment and enjoy the creative process for its own sake.

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