How Reiki has Changed Me

Have you experienced Reiki healing energy? Do you work with energy in other forms, such as meditation, martial arts, yoga or similar? How does it feel for you?

I have been practising Reiki healing meditation for four years and it has transformed me in ways that I cannot properly explain. Outwardly I am the same person. I look the same. I live the same, quiet life. I am an average woman approaching middle age. But internally there have been massive changes, most notably in my response to the world and the situations I experience.

During my teens and twenties I suffered with anxiety. Back then it wasn’t recognised as a formal illness and I never understood why I got so worked up about simple activities. I remember my dad once asking me to telephone for a pizza takeaway and I really didn’t want to do it. Talk to a stranger on the phone?! How could I?!! This was the landline, by the way, before we had mobile phones. My heart was pounding, my palms were sweaty, I wanted to burst into tears. I think I was sixteen at the time. Then I learned to drive, and before I got in my car to travel anywhere, even just across town, I had to talk myself down from panic and stress responses. I had no idea what these feelings were, and I thought I was being weak, so I never told anyone how I felt. I basically told myself not to be weak, and I powered through.

Many years later, after the digital revolution and while I was at home nursing my babies, I began to learn more about myself and these strange, intrusive feelings. People began to talk about mental illness in the public sphere, and I began to learn about my husband and other family members who suffered with mental illness. I began to separate out my responses to situations and recognise when I needed to resolve them. And then I discovered Reiki healing therapy.

Reiki is a process that takes time and effort. In the beginning I avoided my reiki teacher, never committing to a class because I didn’t have time; I had my children to look after, my house to deal with, my business to build. When could I possibly sit still and meditate? With some gentle persuasion, I signed up for my first reiki course. And that was it. From that moment on, my life began to improve dramatically. The people around me didn’t change. I changed. I have become better able to control my moods (although I do still snap on a regular basis – classic redhead syndrome), I sleep soundly at night, I listen to my body when it tells me to rest or to eat more healthy, or stop a particularly disruptive habit. I don’t take on other people’s problems personally. I am here to support and listen, and I will offer guidance and advice if asked, but it is not my job to fix people or their lives. We must take responsibility for ourselves. That is the biggest lesson that Reiki has taught me, and one that I am incredibly grateful to have received.

If you live in the mid Cheshire area (UK), look at my new website, Goldstone Reiki, and please consider booking in for a reiki therapy treatment. You will be amazed at the results! Love and light, my friends.

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