Jewellery Inspired by History at English Heritage Shop

At English Heritage Shop, we have a range of jewellery that has been inspired by our historic sites. These unique pieces of jewellery make perfect gifts for friends and loved ones.

London Bus Necklace – Tatty Devine

Wear an iconic piece of English history with this red bus necklace by British designer Tatty Devine.

Our Price £35.00 – Click here.

Stonehenge Bluestone Bangle

Wear a piece of Stonehenge with this Bluestone Bangle. Bluestone makes up the smaller stones inside the famous stone circle and can be found only in Pembrokeshire’s Preseli Hills.

Our Price £275.00 – Click here.

Deco Fan Gold Necklace

Remember the iconic glamour of the Art Deco era with this deco inspired necklace. The pendant of the necklace is reminiscent of a fan shape that can be found in the décor, jewellery and clothing styles of the time.

Our Price £60.00 – Click here.

Whitby Abbey Silhouette Necklace

Take home a piece of history with this Whitby Abbey Silhouette Necklace.

Our Price £65.00 – Click here.

Stonehenge Sarsen Stone Trilithon Earrings

Sarsen stone has been sourced from around Stonehenge to create these beautiful Stonehenge Sarsen Stone Trilithon Earrings.

Our Price £85.00 – Click here.

Oak Tree Necklace

A necklace fit for a lover of all things nature. This necklace features a highly detailed engraving of a very impressive oak tree.

Our Price £30.00 – Click here.

Vampire Fangs Brooch – Tatty Devine

Channel your inner vampire with this Vampire Fangs Brooch by British designers, Tatty Devine.

Our Price £35.00 – Click here.

Silver- and Gold-Plated Bee Stud Earrings

Celebrate one of nature’s most amazing creatures with these Silver- and Gold-Plated Bee Stud Earrings.

Our Price £40.00 – Click here.

Stonehenge Amber Gold-Plated Pendant

This genuine amber necklace has been hand cast and is 22ct gold plated. and is stamped with a Stonehenge design tag.

Our Price £125.00 – Click here.

Stonehenge Round Circle Bracelet

Tell someone you love them with this Stonehenge Round Circle Bracelet. It features two interlocking circles with a highly detailed depiction of the famous trilithon stones.

Our Price £50.00 – Click here.

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