How to Hold Sacred Space for Yourself

You might have seen in my recent blog posts that life has been very challenging recently. My mood has been low, I feel under pressure with the millions of tiny but important jobs that I am responsible for, and there has been nothing to look forward to. There still isn’t, although I am pleased that we have the school half-term holiday next week. It is such a relief that we won’t have to drag ourselves out of bed and get to school on time every morning for a few days. I haven’t planned any exciting events; indeed my children don’t seem keen to go anywhere. They are tired, and they want to stay at home. That suits me and my mood.

How to Hold Sacred Space for Yourself

How do you feel right now? Are you stressed, unhappy or simply unfeeling? Are you relatively calm and collected, just plodding on with life? Perhaps you have recently experienced or are experiencing something very exciting, and I would be happy to hear your good news. We need some good news stories to lift the gloom. And to that end, we need to hold sacred space for ourselves. We spend our lives doing things for other people. We raise our children, educate them, entertain them, keep them healthy and nurse them when they are sick. We work our jobs, busily trying to fulfil an often-impossible list of tasks every day. We help our friends and family members when they are struggling, and we try to help our communities by volunteering time and/or money to local projects and schemes. Then we are put under pressure to always “be our best,” which means keeping physically fit and active, having a long list of hobbies, having a social life. It is all too much to cram into 24 hours every single day.

How to Hold Sacred Space SpookyMrsGreen

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? Do you retreat into your home, cancel all social plans, and sit in front of the TV worrying about what people will say about you? Or are you too busy to think about yourself? Remember that we cannot help other people if we do not help ourselves first. I have retreated a little in my family and social circles, closed myself off while I deal with my personal mood swings and battle my demons. Fortunately, I have the connection to reiki healing energy and a wonderful support network of friends that are helping me through the challenges I face. But they can only do so much. Most of the work to self-heal must come from me. I need to stop and listen to my body and my mind and decide what is in my best interest at this moment in time. This week I have focused on a project for redecorating our home because it makes me feel better. I have a sense of achievement and pride in my work. Today I am focusing on meditation and writing work, because that is important to me too. It is all part of me holding sacred space for myself, to do what is important for me. What makes you feel better? I’m sure you could fit in five minutes of sacred space to help with your holistic health and wellness. Have a lovely week!

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