Redheads Melt in the Sun #UKHeatwave

I have had enough of summer now! We are experiencing a heatwave in the UK the likes of which hasn’t been seen since 1976, according to news reports. And I wasn’t born in 1976. All I know is that I am really struggling to cope as our temperatures reach 25C and higher. Here in the North West we haven’t yet hit 30C, and I am in no hurry to experience that kind of torture.


Being a natural redhead, my skin is now covered in blotchy red patches of sunburn, my freckles are joining up so I look permanently grubby, and my Dry Eye Syndrome is almost unbearable some days. I am having to use artificial tears at least on an hourly basis, I have other treatments to use, and mainly I am trying to stay indoors and out of the dry weather as much as possible. I actually danced in the rain last week when we finally had a break from the sun. The heat never subsided, though. How are you coping, my friends?

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4 Responses to Redheads Melt in the Sun #UKHeatwave

  1. scskillman says:

    I empathise with you totally, Catherine. I find the heatwave very uncomfortable and energy-sapping. Right now I have the patio door open and two cool-air fans going full blast and I am still sweating. It’s not so much the temperature, but the humidity; and it certainly seems so unnatural for England. I am looking forward to the return of cool breezes and an atmosphere where we can breathe freely again.

  2. I still remember when summer was my favorite time of year. Now I can’t imagine wanting to go out into the sticky, muggy mess that is an Atlantic summer. Can’t wait until autumn!

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