Making a House our Home

We have been in our new house for a month now, and we love it! Well, I say we love it. My 4-year-old daughter told me that she has sad feelings because she misses our old house. I think she is still trying to process the chaos that came from packing boxes in a confined space, and having to move, and now dealing with the subsequent renovations on the new house. We are in a state of upheaval still, with boxes piled up in the dining room and garage, beds and furniture stacked in the bedrooms, and carpets lifted so that workmen can gain access to pipes and wires beneath the floorboards.

Making a House our Home SpookyMrsGreen

You see, this house was built in around 1959, and hasn’t been updated for over thirty years. We decided to rewire the whole electrical system and bring it up to 21st century standards, and to upgrade the central heating. I really cannot understand this business about having tanks of water above your head to provide warmth in the home! I need them out, so that will be done very soon. And then perhaps I can focus on redecorating and turning the house properly into our home. Our energy is creeping in slowly, we have got our furniture, some new items on order, and plans to do further alterations when finances allow. It is a work in progress, but for now we can settle in and accept that we are able to relax, finally, as our children grown up. We have a secure, settled base from which to grow, and that is a precious and valuable thing.

Mummy Mondays SpookyMrsGreen

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2 Responses to Making a House our Home

  1. Caron Allan says:

    it’s tough to adjust in the beginning!

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