Well done, Clarks! #happycustomer

Last week I finally got myself organised and took my children to try on and purchase the last few items of school uniform that we need for the new term. And then I took them to Clarks to have their feet measured and get them fitted for school shoes. This is becoming an annual tradition for the Green family, much like it was for me and my siblings when we were children.


I know that Clarks came under fire recently for the sexist portrayal of boys’ and girls’ shoes. While I accept that there should not be division in the styles of clothes and shoes that our children wear, I do find that both me and my girls prefer the traditionally female style of shoe. Whether it is ingrained in our culture, or a lifestyle preference, I don’t know. All I can say is that my daughters each chose a pair of school shoes that fit their feet comfortably, are sturdy enough for playtime at school, and look very nice. What more could we ask for?

Finally, I want to say how impressed I was with the efficiency of the Clarks shoe shop that we visited. I took my daughters to Cheshire Oaks which is fairly close to our home. It worked out a lot more cost effective to purchase two pairs of school shoes, and two new school bags, from the Clarks outlet store. Although the shop was insanely busy with parents and children all on the same mission, the staff were plentiful, organised and super-efficient. Our feet were measured in a little cabin outside the shop (brought in specially for school season), we were given the sizings on a slip of paper, and then we were assigned another member of staff to help with fitting. The whole process took us about half an hour, which I thought was fantastic. Well done, Clarks!


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2 Responses to Well done, Clarks! #happycustomer

  1. I think all these accusations of sexual stereotypes etc is indicative of a world gone mad. People should just get on with their lives and stop whinging. I bought myself some perfectly nice high heels the other day.

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