Rockpools on Brancaster Beach @NationalTrust

Earlier this month, my family and I enjoyed a holiday in North Norfolk. We stayed in the beautiful, picturesque town of Wells-Next-The-Sea, and enjoyed walks along the seafront, days on the beach, and explored all sorts of hidden places and local nature reserves. There is something about the beach, and the sea, that brings peace. I have to holiday by the sea in order to feel that I have enjoyed a break. I mean, I love the countryside, but we are fortunate to live among some beautiful forest land and green spaces in Cheshire. I like to explore further afield.


One day while on holiday, we visited Brancaster Beach. Owned by the National Trust, this hidden gem is absolutely gorgeous. You have a huge expanse of dry sand, then the wet sand when the tide retreats, and there is such an interesting mix of terrain to explore. We set up camp near the sand dunes, and my daughters and I set off to try and reach a shipwreck that we could see in the distance. A fellow beach visitor informed me that the boat was sunk on purpose for military training, but I haven’t yet explored that story further. Anyway, I was fascinated.


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We never got close to the shipwreck because we were concerned about the tide turning. And besides, we got a little bit distracted by rockpools. There were several sea pools dotted about on the beach, and we had fun wading and splashing in the warm water. We even splashed about with tiny little fish that scattered around our feet. Then we explored rock pools with crabs and seaweed. I picked up what I thought was an empty shell at one point, only to disturb a tiny little crab. We put it back down again very quickly! I loved the colours of shells, pebbles and rocks that lined these pools we found, and I loved the undulations in the sand. I loved all of it. And so did my girls. We will return to Brancaster Beach one day…


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2 Responses to Rockpools on Brancaster Beach @NationalTrust

  1. scskillman says:

    Lovely description. It sounds as if you had a truly refreshing and restorative time at Brancaster Beach. We went there too when our children were young and we loved it.

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