New Year, New Start: Spiritual Reading with Inner Child Tarot

Following on from my reading with the Mermaid and Dolphin Oracle cards, I was inspired to pull out my Inner Child Tarot card deck and refer to them for spiritual insight. I had assistance from my 4-year-old daughter with this one, and she took a particular liking to these cards, because they feature fairytale images and beautiful artwork. They are designed to be used with children, and I find them delightful and cheerful to work with. Here is the reading, and once again I feel it will resonate with several people. You will know if it resonates with you:


Card 1
Seven of Swords – A time to study and contemplate my craft. Be still, embrace solitude, and allow my inner self to grow and expand.
Card 2
Guide of HeartsThe Good Fairy. My guides and angels are here to help. They heard my call, and they are responding. Be open to their guidance.
Card 3
Beauty and the BeastStrength. Look into the darkness and see the love. Look beyond the visible physical world. See the truth, and live in perfect love and perfect trust.
Card 4
Sleeping Beauty – It is time to embrace a period of contemplation. I have done enough physical action. Now I must retreat and allow my spiritual self to mature. This is a time of development. Embrace it. Sleep when I can, to enable the transformation from within.


Does any of this make sense to you on a spiritual, intuitive level? Please, do share your insight. I would also love to hear from people who have used the Inner Child Tarot. I haven’t spent a lot of time with these cards yet, but I am sure I will as my children grow and learn about their own spiritual paths in life…

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*Card reading image from personal archive; Inner Child deck courtesy of Isha Lerner

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