Beltane Celebrations and the #MidLitFest

Today is Beltane, the beginning of May and a celebration of the glorious fertility and vitality of Mother Earth. I have been admiring the beautiful bright pink flowers blooming in my garden, and I would have taken a photograph to share, but in true English fashion today is wet and dark!

April was a turbulent month for me in terms of emotional health and wellbeing. My father-in-law remains in hospital recovering from a serious head injury, and we sort of celebrated his 60th birthday at the weekend. This week should have been a family holiday away, but we will get there in the end. Instead I have been supporting my family, keeping life as normal as possible for the children, and sorting myself out.


May promises to be a month of fun and business development for me. We celebrate our very first Middlewich Literary Festival on 23rd and 24th May, and if you are in the local area please come along and see us. I will be there showing off my novels and sharing my knowledge and guidance in the literary world. Our town mayor, Bernice Walmsley, will be there. She is also an author and will be attending both as a town official and a literary professional.


Our local school children have been submitting short stories for competitions which we will enjoy judging soon, and the winning entries will be displayed at the Middlewich Literary Festival. Aside from our resident local authors there will be representatives from local schools, the library and other businesses at the event, and there will be a book stall where you can indulge in some literary retail therapy.

See you at the festival, and have a fabulous month!

*Maypole image courtesy of United Kingdom Celebrations blog; #MidLitFest image courtesy of Middlewich Vision



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4 Responses to Beltane Celebrations and the #MidLitFest

  1. I’d completely forgotten it was May 1st! Still feels like April here with all the showers.

  2. We seem to wake up some at the time of Beltane and proceed with renewed energy and optimism. Here’s to health and creativity!

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