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How to Enjoy a Peaceful Christmas

I believe there is a subtle change in the air. This year, I feel completely relaxed and not at all worried or stressed about preparing for Christmas. Usually by this time I would be frantically writing Christmas cards and wrapping … Continue reading

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Our First Dance Show

This week is very special for my daughters and me. I will soon watch them perform in their first official dance show with their local dancing school, and I am very excited! They have been attending the Collin School for … Continue reading

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It is FAB Festival Time, Hooray! @middlewichfolk

Our little town is coming alive again as we prepare to enjoy the mad weekend that is Folk and Boat (FAB) Festival. Hundreds of people set up camp, the boats pile in, the bunting goes up, and all the pubs … Continue reading

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Middlewich Rose Fete 2017

I am very pleased to be involved with the Middlewich Rose Fete. In recent years, it has taken place within the annual Middlewich FAB Festival, but this year we are doing it alone. The Rose Fete has been revived, revitalised, … Continue reading

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Join Us for the Sandbach Author Signing Event

We are almost into the month of November, and it will be crazy time for me as I immerse myself once more in the Redcliffe novels and continue writing book 5 in the series for NaNoWriMo. I will need a … Continue reading

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Time for a Break

Two weeks in and this summer holiday feels very long! I have been with my children all day every day since they broke up, and now my youngest daughter is not sleeping properly at night and keeps coming into bed … Continue reading

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Steampunk Adventures in Crewe

Way back at the end of May, I took my eldest daughter to the Crewe Steampunk Convivial. I almost missed the event, since it coincided with the weekend when I exhibited at a Rosemary Douglas mind, body and spirit event. … Continue reading

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Books in the Boatyard at Middlewich FAB Festival

This week is very exciting because we are preparing for the annual Middlewich Folk and Boat festival, and this year I am very pleased to announce that I will be exhibiting my books in the boatyard! Come and see me … Continue reading

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Meet the Pagan Housewife at Crewe Alexandra FC

I am getting out there again! This socialising thing is becoming a bit of a habit, and I have to say I rather enjoy it. You can meet me, Catherine Green, aka the Pagan Housewife, at Crewe Alexandra Football Club … Continue reading

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Mediums, Mystics, and Magical Mayhem 

Hello! Yes, the magical mayhem is building again, and this time we are taking Rosemary Douglas events to Crewe Alexandra Football Stadium on 28th and 29th May. This mind, body and spirit weekend is very special. We have workshops and talks happening throughout the day in three different rooms, so there is something for everyone. You can attend free demonstrations of mediumship and see if you have any messages from departed loved ones on the other side. You can attend meditation workshops, connect with your angels, learn about hypnotherapy, and much more as you meet our wonderful team of professional lightworkers. Our resident mediums for the weekend include Simon Goodfellow, Janey Hitchcock, Ali Mather and John Cook. They will all be performing live demonstrations of mediumship in our dedicated workshop rooms, and you may attend these throughout the weekend. All of our mediums and psychics are available for one-to-one bookings as well, if you prefer a more intimate and private consultation. They will connect with the energies of loved ones who have passed into Spirit, and you will be surprised and elated at the people who come through to speak in these gatherings. If you are looking for some guidance on working with angels, then come and see Angelic Jeanette. She is doing workshops on both Saturday and Sunday, with the offer of a free gift voucher to all attendees of her Saturday workshop, Have You Heard the Call of the Angels. Another resident angel mystic is Grace Lockhart, who will be doing workshops offering dream analysis and sharing stories about the angels, and what happens when they make contact in the human world. It is all very fascinating and uplifting. For more details about the event, and to book your personal readings and consultations with our mediums, please refer to the Rosemary Douglas website. Did you enjoy this article? Join my tribe to keep informed of new stories from SpookyMrsGreen, and … Continue reading

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