#AtoZChallenge – Getting Married at the Zoo

We have reached the end. It is the last day of April, and the last day of the #AtoZChallenge 2014. Phew! Today, as promised, I present something that is a little bit fun and frivolous, and something very close to my heart. I allocate the letter Z to zoo. More specifically, I will refer to Chester Zoo, my favourite local tourist attraction in the North West of England.

I always enjoy a visit to the zoo. In the past they have been scrutinised for the way they treat their animals, but looking at the positives, they go a long way towards long-term conservation and protection of endangered species. I love seeing the unusual and beautiful animals at Chester Zoo, and I admire the well-kept gardens and open spaces as well. It is a treat to spend the day there, and my husband likes Chester Zoo for its recycling ethic when it comes to the cafes and restaurants on-site.


I got married at the zoo. How cool is that? Yes, when my husband and I decided to set a date, I decided I wanted to get married in an unusual venue. He wasn’t keen on doing a pagan hand fasting ceremony, and to be honest it might have been difficult explaining to my family, so I looked around for some other options. And I found a gorgeous venue at Chester Zoo.

We had a wonderful wedding day at the zoo. In fact, we even became one of the exhibits as we walked around having photographs taken. It was a bizarre and hilarious experience walking around the zoo wearing a big, fancy wedding gown. The other visitors walked past staring at us, smiling and pointing, and we now have a wedding album that includes exotic animals and plants. Fantastic! I look forward to our special anniversary visit in June, and this time we will have our second daughter in tow so it will be an extra special day.


Thank you for stopping by, now why not check out my fellow writers on the #AtoZChallenge? See you tomorrow, oh wait, this is the end of the challenge! Thank you for accompanying me on this journey my friends, and I look forward to seeing you around as we continue our travels in the future.


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7 Responses to #AtoZChallenge – Getting Married at the Zoo

  1. Great choice for “z” since the zoo holds such a special place for you. Congrats once again on reaching the end of the Challenge.

  2. Holly says:

    Catherine that’s amazing! I never knew! Are you members there?

  3. What a wonderful idea! And well done, completing the A-Z Challenge.

  4. Lisa Love says:

    Congrats on finishing the challenge – what a ride!
    What a beautiful & special wedding!

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