#AtoZChallenge – A Tarot Reading

On the #AtoZChallenge today I decided to allocate the letter T to Tarot. Several years ago I randomly decided one day that I simply had to learn to read tarot cards, and so I did. It had never appealed to me before; indeed I had never really considered tarot as anything of interest. But now I am hooked, and I have even started collecting decks of tarot cards. I love the assortment of artwork and imagery available, and the cards are so beautiful to touch and view that they give me pleasure every time I pick them up.

I picked out three tarot cards today with the intention of offering a reading to anyone who comes across my blog at this time. You might be a regular visitor. You might be a new visitor, perhaps perusing my offerings on the #AtoZChallenge. Welcome everybody! I asked Spirit to send me a message through the cards that would offer clarity and enlightenment to those in need. If you are currently feeling disheartened about events in your life, perhaps this reading will offer a little help…


The Ace of Cups. This tarot card is a very encouraging one to show up at the beginning of a tarot reading. It represents new beginnings. Perhaps you have started a new project; maybe you changed your mind about something and decided to give it another go. You have the knowledge for this endeavour, so please continue and remain strong in your assertion that it will all come together very soon.

Death. This tarot card often fills people with dread, simply because of its name and imagery. I think it is an especially beautiful card, especially in this deck, the Gilded Tarot. Death is not a harbinger of doom as so often popularised in film and television. This card means new beginnings. As it follows the Ace of Cups it is reassuring you to continue on your quest. Allow what has passed to leave you; say goodbye to the old ways of thinking and behaving. Open yourself up to new adventures and ideas.


Page of Swords. In this tarot card we see a youth standing proud and holding onto his enormous sword. I have to smile, because for some strange reason it is giving me rather naughty ideas and images! Anyway, on a serious note, this card follows very nicely behind the other two in our reading. The Page of Swords represents our youthful inner self, full of optimism and bravado. Keep hold of your bravado and your adventurous instinct. Take it with you on your new tasks as you move forward into a happier and more fulfilling phase of your life.

I have offered professional tarot readings for people in the past, but at the moment I prefer to do them more broadly on my blogs, or on a sporadic basis. If you are seeking a more personal reading, I recommend that you seek out Priestess Tarot. She is a lady of great insight, and she is a fully accredited professional Tarot reader. I always find guidance and support from her blog posts. Have a lovely day my friends!


Thank you for stopping by, now why not check out my fellow writers on the #AtoZChallenge? See you tomorrow!

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5 Responses to #AtoZChallenge – A Tarot Reading

  1. I found this reading really encouraging – and those cards are beautiful.

  2. Marlene Moss says:

    This was totally different! Awesome AtoZ post. Those cards really are beautiful and I could see myself collecting them to appreciate the artistry as well.
    Marlene at On Writing and Riding

  3. What lovely cards…I have received several different sets over the years (my mother and aunt both believe that you can’t purchase your own cards, I am not sure why).
    Good luck with the rest of the #AtoZChallenge. I linked to your participation on my post for ‘S’ – Social Media, Spammy Sammy and Sharing

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    I’m going to highly recommend this web site!

  5. Appreciate thyis post. Let me try it out.

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