#AtoZChallenge – What it means to be Spiritual

Today on the #AtoZChallenge I allocate the letter S to spiritual. When I first consciously decided to embark on a spiritual quest, I little knew how much of life I had yet to discover. As a child I lived a sheltered life, very comfortable and happy. My family are all fairly boring in truth, but not in a bad way. They simply get on with their daily tasks and life ticks over nicely.

I used to think that being spiritual was something of fantastic magic and mystery. It offered a life of excitement, something unusual and unique. Above all I thought that to be a spiritual person would take me away from my boring existence, and give me something of an adventure. I thought I could learn to communicate with Spirit, but I had no idea at the time just what that meant. I was thinking of good old fashioned ghosts, like in the classic stories. I was largely confused by the Spiritualist movement popularised during the Victorian era.


Being spiritual can mean many different things. It is all a question of perception. For me it means living in harmony with Mother Nature as much as possible, but still existing in the modern developed world to which I was born. I believe in past lives, and in fact, I have had past life regression before now that was fascinating and very entertaining! I know that ghosts and spirits exist, because I have seen them and spoken to them.

People might often confuse being spiritual with being religious. I certainly used to think that a spiritual person was a ‘hippy’ type, but that was before I learned about paganism and what it means. To me, spirituality is not a religion. It is simply a mindset, a belief system, but you can be spiritual and still be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc, or of no particular faith. I think ultimately it is about living by your own standards and values, although perhaps that is a very wide generalisation. What are your thoughts on being spiritual?


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2 Responses to #AtoZChallenge – What it means to be Spiritual

  1. For me, being spiritual is knowing that this physical world is only a small aspect of existence and the unseen world is very real!

  2. TuiSnider says:

    For me, being spiritual is seeking a connection to the larger purpose that we all share, but don’t always acknowledge. It’s not a religion, but a mind set, as you say above. It’s not just about ghosts and the paranormal (although such things fascinate me – I’m even writing a guide to haunted places at the moment!) but I also feel a spiritual charge when I learn about cosmology, and quantum mechanics.

    ~Tui Snider~ Dropping by from the A to Z challenge! 😀
    @TuiSnider on Twitter
    My blog: Tui Snider’s Offbeat & Overlooked Travel
    I am also part of the #StoryDam team, a friendly writing community!

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