Keep Calm and Make a Brew

Well, where do I start? It has been one heck of a rollercoaster already this year, and that is just on the domestic front. I had all these plans to be proactive with my blogs in 2014, and to improve my book marketing strategy, and actually to write more books. It turns out that is not quite my destined path for now. Apparently I am meant to concentrate on my family.

My main distraction/cause of stress/priority right now is my children. I am breastfeeding a 7 month old daughter, and I have a 3 year-old daughter who is very inquisitive, very active, and totally gorgeous (but then maybe I am biased!) We have fallen into the pattern that seems the norm for most UK families at the moment, and probably a whole lot more families around the world too.


My husband is the breadwinner, and I am the carer. I was warned about this by lots of people, including my mother, my mother-in-law, my mum friends, the list is endless. It is only now that I appreciate the true horror and stress of having children. They are relentless! My children aren’t even that bad really. They are just incredibly full-on. My baby is currently teething and growing, so she wants nothing but attention. For example, she spent the last 2 hours screaming and crying, and has now suddenly calmed down and is playing happily in her pushchair, just when I was about to despair. I can now eat a sandwich and drink my coffee, hooray!

Being a mother is certainly an experience that cannot be described. It is such a normal, human thing to do, and yet everyone has a different story to tell. One thing is for sure; children are bloomin’ hard work! Anyway, I just needed to update my blog and explain why my presence here is so vague at the moment. There is also the issue of a family member who was involved in a serious accident recently. I won’t give too many details because it is ongoing and I don’t want to upset my family. Suffice to say that we are going to be visiting the hospital a lot, the relative concerned will remain affected forever, and we have a lot of support to give and work to do in that respect.

I wanted to find some images that might explain how I feel at the moment. I had to choose this one, well, just because… my fellow Vampire Diaries fans will understand!!


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*Keep Calm and Have a Brew image via Ebay; Keep Calm and… image courtesy of Fun Elf


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5 Responses to Keep Calm and Make a Brew

  1. habisha says:

    LOL Catherine. The last one is all about baby-brain (and toddler exhaustion). Good for you on the Mum front. Keep Calm and Enjoy the Experience. They grow up so very fast. And there are times when they are small it feels like they will never grow up, especially when you are the carer. Writing, cleaning, etc., is there during naps and happy playtimes. Best luck, my friend.

  2. e1aine says:

    An exhausting time for you, but remember to stop and enjoy it. I think you already do but those baby days do go so fast.

    Love the Vampire Diaries image just looking at it makes me… me… what was I saying?

    • Ha ha, I know right? Gotta love a bad-boy vampire! Yes I am taking each day as it comes and trying not to get too wound up about everything, but it is difficult at times.

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