These Kids are Driving me Crazy… But I Still Love Them

My world is totally chaotic at the moment. It is also very small. Being a creative person, and one who resists the chore of the daily grind, I find myself in a very difficult place. The writer in me wants to hide away behind my computer and create the masterpieces that reside in my mind. The hippy in me wants to acquire a camper van and head off on a fun-filled road trip around the UK, visiting sites of sacred and historical interest, and communing with Nature. And the mother in me wants to clean our house, provide for our children, and be Supermum.


Needless to say, Supermum is but a distant dream at the moment, but Stressedmum is here to stay. While my husband works long hours to bring home a household wage, I am left to deal with the kids. And they are driving me crazy. It’s not their fault. They are only children. That is becoming a mantra all on its own these days. My daughters are cheerful, cheeky, hyperactive, loving, irritable, inquisitive, and generally the most gorgeous creatures on this planet. Along with our dog, their ‘big brother.’ All three are exhausting to live with. But I chose to have them. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


So, please bear with me while I rant and rave over here on the blog. It is my vice in a world populated by little people and plastic toys. And Peppa Pig. And Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Oh, the horror! And now I must be going. There is a sticky mess that must be cleaned, a pile of cloth nappies to contend with, and the ever present dilemma over cooking and mealtimes… perhaps one day my daughters will eat something healthy!

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*Stressed Mommy image via Pinterest; My darling children from personal archive


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6 Responses to These Kids are Driving me Crazy… But I Still Love Them

  1. It’s refreshing to read a post like this. I was browsing Pinterest last night and ended up with a serious case of mummy guilt over my lacklustre parenting. I love my girls but I am a person too and all the things I wanted before they were born I still want now- along with 10 hours of unbroken sleep!

    • Ah yes, Pinterest can be a dangerous place for the frazzled mother and her delicate mind! I’m glad you enjoyed my post, and thanks for stopping by. We all need to support each other on the parenting roller-coaster of emotions.

  2. scskillman says:

    Catherine, the writer in you and the hippy in you would combine very well – you could take your laptop with you on that tour of sacred sites, (something I too would love to do) and it would be a wonderful source of inspiration. But I’m not sure the mummy in you would combine well with the above! Be encouraged, though, that all the experiences you’re having now may form the raw material from which key elements of future novels may emerge.

    • Thank you Sheila, I do remind myself that it’s all grist for the mill, especially on those monotonous days when the children are not cooperating. I will have my camper van very soon, my intention has been set… 😉

  3. I know that ‘there’s too much to do’ feeling. I could do with another two or three of me to get everything done… and I don’t even have kids!

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