Sickness Bugs and Sleepless Nights

Good morning! Wow, it has been almost a week since I posted on here, and what a week it has been. My toddler experienced her first sickness bug last week. It began on Monday morning, quite without warning, She was playing happily with her dolls’ house, and suddenly she threw up all over it! Not the best start to a morning, and it got steadily worse.

She was ill again just an hour later, at which point I realised she was unfit to attend pre-school. And that was my week. For the first two days we were shut in at home. My daughter alternately slept, had cuddles, and brought up whatever food and drink she tried to eat. I managed to do a little work around her naptimes, alongside scrubbing the carpets and sofa and washing practically all of her clothes as they got soiled very frequently.

I had a couple of days reprieve when my husband finished his work shift and was at home while I went out to do some pre-planned activities. I am so glad I had that opportunity. I would have gone quite mad if I had spent the whole five days shut in at home with a sick toddler! We managed a couple of walks out with the dog, with my daughter tucked up warmly in her pushchair.

Despite everything, I think it was quite a productive week. My husband and me began to feel a little ill towards the end of it, and on Satuday night we were all in bed for 8:30pm, which is practically unheard of for me! So far we seem to have escaped the mystery bug, and today normal service will resume. Phew! Stay tuned for updates on my first experiences of speed networking…

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2 Responses to Sickness Bugs and Sleepless Nights

  1. My poor darling. It’s one of the hardest moments in rasing a child isn’t it?! Or when anyone is ill and you can do little for them but mop their brow and hold the bucket while they empty the contents of their stomachs! (Such lovely imagry there first things this morning!) At least she is on the mend and you were able to keep yourself (somewhat) afloat with Dan. Sending you waves of healing babe…

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