Showcasing the Talent of the Mumpreneur!

I have recently adopted the new popular term Mumpreneur as part of my vocabulary. I think it is quite witty, quite appropriate, and very cute! The term is an interesting one really. After all the talk of International Women’s Day  last week, and my own personal experiences of being a woman in small business, I find that I am not alone. During recent years there has been an increase in mothers who take control of their careers and in many cases reinvent themselves in a manner that is fulfilling, rewarding, and most importantly that fits in with the family model.


It is a curious thing that women still seem to take the brunt of responsibility for children. In my immediate social circles the reason is largely financial. Our husbands and partners generally earn more money than we do, and so it makes sense for them to keep the full time jobs while we juggle work and childcare. It isn’t exactly a fair deal, but we have to make it work. I also realise that many women prefer to work part time or not at all, because family is the most important aspect for them. That is very admirable, and I mean that sincerely.

For me personally, being a ‘stay at home mother’ (a term I dislike immensely) cannot be an option. Yes I am at home. But I am working. My daughter attends pre-school three days a week, which gives me some time to dedicate to writing projects and freelance work. I have chosen to become a Mumpreneur for a few reasons. The main one is financial. We are beginning to struggle on a singular household wage, and we do not qualify for enough state benefits that would make us comfortable (not that we want to be that way). I also need to work for my own sense of purpose and satisfaction. I have to feed my ego, and fulfil myself as an individual. I adore being a mother. I truly appreciate the wonder of my family. But I need a little something to call my own.


I am not alone in this. I can showcase 2 women in particular who are currently displaying their own talents and skills as successful Mumpreneurs. The first is a lady from the Middlewich area, and I met her when our children were babies and we began attending local social groups and classes together. She decided not to return to work because her previous occupation was very time-consuming and not at all child friendly. She decided instead to utilise her talent for crafts, and she successfully launched the Little Lotty Shop.

The second Mumpreneur is a close personal friend that I met at university several years ago. Natalie has a passion for photography, and so she decided to set up Jolley Tots Photography shortly after the birth of her daughter, and now she is expanding into other areas of the business. She offers family photo shoots using delightful and whimsical props, and she can also do maternity boudoir photography for something a little bit different and special. You can see examples of Natalie’s work on her blog.


I know there are many other wonderful women around the UK who are making excellent use of their talents and skills. I salute you all, and we should come together united in our sisterhood. Our children will be proud, and we will be fulfilled and happy in our endeavours. Hooray for the Mumpreneur!

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  1. Have I told you that I love you? Thank you SO MUCH for including me in your blog!! xxxxx

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