A Yummy Mummy Day at the Spa

Yesterday I took the day off. I have a group of Mum friends from our local NCT group, and we meet for coffee once a week so our children can play together and we can discuss parental issues and whatever else we desire. The opportunity arose for us to take a break from the children, and have a day out at a spa together. We couldn’t wait! It was planned for quite a few months, and finally we got our day.

I had never actually visited a spa before, so I was doubly excited about this new experience. My husband was working all weekend, so I sent my daughter off with her grandparents on Saturday. She had a wonderful time, and I had a much-needed break. On Saturday afternoon I caught up with a friend and did some long-overdue housework that just wasn’t doable with a toddler round my ankles.

Then we had our day off. We checked into the spa, swiftly changed into our swimming costumes, and headed for the pool. Now, because I am pregnant, I wasn’t allowed to use the steam room or sauna, along with another friend in the same situation. Instead we made do with a few lengths of the pool and an hour in the relaxation room to read magazines and chill out. Our group enjoyed coffee and pastries for a mid-morning snack, and a delicious long lunch in the attached hotel restaurant.


The day flew by incredibly fast. We all went in armed with magazines and books, but we barely had time to read! We did however, manage to end several conversations and begin new ones, which never happens in our weekly coffee group meetings. It is amazing how demanding a large group of toddlers can be. Later in the afternoon a couple of us, myself included, had a foot massage. The session wasn’t as intense as I would have liked, but it was a huge help to my swollen ankles and puffy feet anyway.

Today I feel happy and relaxed, and my daughter woke up in a brilliant mood because she had fun with her grandparents and other family members. I definitely see the benefits of doing days like this. We all need a break every so often. It is not a crime to admit that you cannot be the doting parent all of the time. If we take care of ourselves in mind and body, we are in a better place from which to care for everybody else who we take responsibility for. I look forward to my next day off!

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