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There’s a Vampire Hunter in Town! New British Paranormal Action

Several years ago I was asked by a fan when I planned to write a vampire novel set in my hometown. Not one to disappoint, I set about the task, and began to write a story from my vampire hunters’ … Continue reading

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Judge a Book by its Cover – May Giveaway #fantasy #paranormal #magic

It’s time to Judge a Book by its Cover! Add some sparkle to your eReader! Download your FREE COPY of Return of the Vampire Hunter, and choose from a huge selection of fantasy novels, including witches, magic, angels, demons, vampires … Continue reading

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The Witch Loves Vampire Month

In a departure from my usual spiritual living blog post, today I introduce you to Vampire Month. This was devised by the author D.A. Lascelles, who I met at the Sandbach Author Signing Event late last year. He invited me … Continue reading

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Vampires and Tattoos at Crewe MBS Weekend

We are bringing you a mind, body and spirit event with bite next weekend in Crewe! It is the annual Rosemary Douglas holistic health and beauty event, and I will be launching my brand new novel, The Vampire of Blackpool. What better place to celebrate than inside a football stadium, surrounded by magical people, amidst a colourful cornucopia of experiences and gifts?   You can have your nails professionally done with our new Jamberry beauty consultant. You can peruse a range of vegan friendly cosmetic and beauty products with Lynn from Tropic skincare (she is a lovely lady!). You can indulge in a little massage, reiki, homeopathy or holistic therapy treatment for some TLC on your body. And on Sunday 29th May, you can have your Henna tattoo and get that holiday excitement started for    half term! This event really is packed full of stuff. Our experienced and knowledgeable professionals are on hand to offer workshops and talks about a variety of healthcare treatments, lifestyle choices, and even career and life achievement advice if you desire it. We have musicians and performers to entertain and delight, and then you can choose a book from me and my fellow authors to take home for your bedtime reading. Perfect! For more details about the event, and to book your personal consultations with our beauticians, please refer to the Rosemary Douglas website. See you in Crewe! Did you enjoy this article? Join my tribe to keep informed of new stories from SpookyMrsGreen, and … Continue reading


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#AtoZChallenge Q is for Questions

Why do I write paranormal romance novels? Why am I fascinated with supernatural creatures, especially vampires? I do not know. I simply acquiesce to my Muse, and I allow her words to flow. Right now I am immersed in a … Continue reading

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I Need a Writing Retreat… Hello #CampNaNoWriMo!

My writing has not been forthcoming of late. It is all my own fault. I have allowed myself to stray from the path. I have become too easily distracted by domestic activities, holidays, social events and the like. At the … Continue reading

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Catherine Green the Ghost Hunter

I have always been fascinated by the world of the supernatural and paranormal. It began as a child when I discovered books of ghost stories and tales of witches, vampires and werewolves. I would watch TV shows and documentaries about … Continue reading

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