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Jewellery Inspired by History at English Heritage Shop

At English Heritage Shop, we have a range of jewellery that has been inspired by our historic sites. These unique pieces of jewellery make perfect gifts for friends and loved ones. London Bus Necklace – Tatty Devine Wear an iconic … Continue reading

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Covid-19 Supplies and Health Food Supplements

This month Predator Nutrition have some unbeatable offers you won’t find anywhere else! These include: Gold Standard Whey Buy 1 Get 50% Off; Serious Mass Buy 1 Get 50% off; Predator Protein Bread 3 for 2; 30% off ALL BPI … Continue reading

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Live Your Best And Healthiest Life, Today!

A healthy lifestyle includes all the ingredients of a healthy lifestyle. According to research, in order to maintain a healthy way of life, you must take action. Incorporate the right foods, exercise, adequate sleep and generally healthy habits into your … Continue reading

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Why we Need to be back at School #WATWB

We Are the World BlogFest (#WATWB) celebrates special people and small stories of inspiration and hope in the world. Let’s face it, we need some inspiration and hope during this time of pandemic and social distancing. This month I want … Continue reading

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Five Ways You Can Prepare For Uni

Whether you are moving away to study or are starting a course at home, starting university can be nerve-racking and stressful.  Photo by Buro Millennial from Pexels There are many things you need to sort out, so have a look … Continue reading

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September Hot and Dirty Books Giveaway

Hot and Dirty books for a Hot September! Καυτά και Βρώμικα βιβλία για έναν καυτό Σεπτέμβρη! Claim them now, all! Κατεβάστε τα τώρα, όλα! Download your FREE copy of Christmas with the Vampires by Catherine Green Our favourite bad-boy vampire, … Continue reading

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Meditation in the Real World

How to meditate when you have kids, dogs, families, and other distractions. Do you meditate? I have been meditating and practising mindfulness for about fifteen years. It hasn’t always been easy. In the early days I had far too many … Continue reading

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How to Love a Vampire

Do you love vampires? Are you fascinated by the mythology of these creatures, who present as human but can cause so much death and destruction? I studied vampires in popular culture for my bachelor’s degree at university many years ago, … Continue reading

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My Summer Reading List

An important part of the writer’s job is to read books. We cannot develop our craft if we don’t do the research. I am a paranormal fiction author, but I read books from all genres, to get an idea of … Continue reading

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Valentine for the Witch

When he left, I opened the bag to see what had been delivered. There were a couple of books ordered for customers from specialist suppliers. I found a pile of junk mail, some bills, and finally something that looked like … Continue reading

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