World Diabetes Month: 5 Health Concerns That Affect Diabetic People

Raising awareness about diabetes, World Diabetes Day, has rapidly grown to become an internationally acclaimed occasion. Proudly spreading the message around the world, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) plays a fundamental role in raising awareness for the condition that affects so many. In this article we discuss symptoms of diabetes that affect many people but that can be managed with the right treatment and support.

1. Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, otherwise known as ED, is a common concern among male diabetics. It is known that up to 75% of men suffering from diabetes will experience some degree of erectile dysfunction during their lifetime. Moreover, as men with diabetes age, the chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction significantly increase. There are treatment options available for erectile dysfunction that can help manage the condition more effectively.

2. Anxiety

The fear-consumed condition, known as anxiety, commonly causes discomforting and stressful emotions. The symptoms of anxiety can have a serious effect on a sufferer’s daily activities, as diabetics are 20% more likely to experience anxiety than those who are not diabetic. Having been diagnosed with diabetes, anxiety can develop in many ways. However, many diabetics may feel anxious about how their health condition will be received by others, even those closest to them. There are lots of treatment options available to manage anxiety, including medication that is available without prescription.

3. Depression

One of the least discussed symptoms of living with diabetes as a chronic health condition is a depression. Just like diabetes, the signs and signals for depression are extremely vague. However, diabetics are 3 times more likely to suffer from depression. Whether you are a diabetic, a family member of a diabetic or friend to a sufferer, you should be aware of the number of symptoms that may signal depression. Common symptoms include persistent sadness, anxiety, apathy, hopelessness, insomnia, weight change or negativity. Sometimes you can relieve symptoms of depression by boosting your intake of essential minerals and nutrients.

4. Excessive Female Facial Hair

Unwanted female facial hair may be a sensitive subject for the individual concerned. Different types of diabetes can increase the development of masculine hormones and therefore male characteristics, such as excessive facial hair. Female facial hair is not a serious health concern, however, for aesthetic reasons it can cause distress. A consultation with a pharmacist could help you to find suitable treatment options to relieve these unwanted symptoms.  

5. Binge Eating

Binge eating is known as a type of eating disorder. This type of eating disorder compels individuals to overeat, leaving them powerless to be able to control their intake of food. Binge eating can result as glucose levels rise and fall. Therefore, when a diabetic’s blood sugar level rises, there is often not enough insulin in the blood to control the levels, leaving the sufferer feeling tired and hungry. This results in the desire to eat again, leading to a binge. Some people find that weight loss pills could help manage binge eating but remember to consult your pharmacist or local health specialist for qualified support.

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