Here’s How To Make Your Wardrobe Fun Again

Have you ever felt so tied down by what you ‘should’ be wearing, that the idea of what you ‘could’ be wearing is somewhat limited? It’s not hard for people to overthink their general style, especially when there’s so much advice out there telling us to ‘do this’ or ‘do that,’ and sometimes even pointing us in opposite directions.

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Yet the truth is that our wardrobe full of clothing is here for function, yes, but also for our own personal taste, and the means by which to structure an outfit perfect for the day ahead. You don’t have to worry about being the best dressed in the room everywhere you go – only if you have the staples you need and the knowledge to best dress yourself for comfort, function, and yes, aesthetic beauty.

So – let’s help you get a leg over all of the obligations, and instead start thinking about how to make your wardrobe fun once more. Without further ado, please consider:

Keep The Basics Simple

It can be worthwhile to have a collection of high-quality but simple undergarments you can wear and use with any outfit when necessary. For instance, everyday cotton thongs and matching bras can help you avoid your underwear being seen through lighter clothing, while also allowing you to feel comfort as you go from place to place. 

On top of that, the cut and finish of this well-designed underwear will look good and feel good, allowing you to enjoy a sense of pride even before you’ve structured your own outfit. Keep the basics simple and pleasant like this, and you’ll certainly be moving in the right direction.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Alterations

It’s fine to get creative and implement alterations to your clothing where you feel that’s necessary. It might be that you decide to cut the sleeves off a denim jacket to add that punk aesthetic, allowing you to head out to a local concert with a sense of throwback confidence.

Alternatively, sewing together holes, adding patches to clothing, or even slotting a few badges over a bag like you did when you were a teenager can all be great fun. If you have the equipment and the means, it will be nice to implement a few alterations worthy of your time.

Annual Throw-Outs

If a garment is no longer comfortable to wear, you dislike the style, or it just doesn’t fit you anymore, then it’s also worth accepting the need for annual throw outs where available.

This might sound strange, as it’s rare for a guide to fashion to tell you to throw out your possessions on a regular basis. But it’s also true that if you’re not getting the most out of your clothes, you can use them to help fund your next purchases.

With apps like Depop, you can sell to a thriving community of online fashion thrifters, which may help you find a buyer for even older items you had no idea would be desired. Alternatively, it might just be that certain garments are well past their use-by-date, and so allowing a charity shop the donation, or recycle them in clothes bins, can also be helpful.

This can certainly beat the tendency for some to pack their wardrobe over the years, curating an environment where at any moment the wardrobe could explode with garments in a cartoon fashion. If you have to fight through hanging garments and a growing collection of shoes to access anything, this might be a good time for either more storage, or better yet, a complete clear out.

Organize Your Space Properly

Speaking of organisation, it’s healthy to plan for this in advance. This way, you can prevent spending more time looking for a garment than putting your outfit together each morning. So – you may split your basic underwear in drawers that can be accessed at any time, and near your bed. Then, you may decide to organize a few hanging sections in your wardrobe, such as jackets, formalwear, casualwear, and more. You can even place simple clothing items like a dressing gown hooked on the back of your bedroom door, and your pyjamas laying folded next to your underwear.

This may even encourage you to purchase shoe holders too, perhaps those drawers which can be pulled out of your bed, or a rack near your front door that limits you to six pairs at once time, reducing the desire to go out and spend.

With this advice, we hope you can see how to make your wardrobe fun again rather than a strange responsibility to keep up with.

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