My Chronic Pain Journey: Seeing Christmas with Blurred Vision

I would usually share my Chronic Voice Link Up blog post at this time of the month, but Sheryl is hosting a huge Christmas giveaway for chronically ill people so there are no prompts today. Instead, I will share an update on my chronic pain journey. If you want to enter the giveaway, here is your link.

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It seems that my condition has mutated into something new. The double row of eyelashes is growing inwards less frequently and thanks to my autologous eyedrops from NHS Blood and Transplant, my severe Dry Eye Syndrome is finally under control. And yet I am still struggling. I am experiencing blurred vision on regular occasions despite my wearing glasses full time. I have my eyes tested regularly and there is nothing obviously wrong, so it must be a symptom of something else.

Ah yes, the something else. I appear to have developed something called corneal neuralgia. It means that the nerves around my eyes have become over sensitive due to the pain caused by my congenital disorder and Dry Eye Syndrome. I have been in pain all my life with this condition, and I have tried just about every medical treatment option possible, some of which have left me with scars on my corneas. Those scars become inflamed regularly because I have no natural barrier to protect my eyes, but hopefully the autologous eyedrops will go someway towards relieving that problem since they are made with my blood serum.

My new eye doctor suggested that my hypersensitive nerves cause me to feel pain sensations when there is nothing physical to attribute to the pain. It makes sense. My cheeks feel heavy just below my eye sockets and sometimes I can hardly bear to wear my glasses because they feel like a dead weight on my face. I rarely wear makeup because it has the same effect, and I have to be careful which products I use. I had a telephone consultation with someone from a specialist pain clinic and they suggested I might need to try a course of medication designed to relieve nerve pain. I am waiting for a response on that when the doctors decide who needs to authorize my prescription and who I need to see or speak to next. For now, I hope that I can see my way through Christmas. Perhaps a glass of wine or two will help…

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2 Responses to My Chronic Pain Journey: Seeing Christmas with Blurred Vision

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    Oh bloody hell. One thing starts to improve after so much grief, then another starts in its place. I’m glad at least that the eyelashes and dry eyes are doing better than they were and that treatments are beneficial. But corneal neuralgia? Eugh. I’m so sorry.

    I’d never heard of scars on corneas from anything but that’s an awful place to have ‘em. I can see dry eyes irritating things further, even with drops.

    I have Sjogrens with very dry eyes and was getting this horrible “crap” in my face, for lack of a better way to put it. Lots of pressure, pain under the eyes, hideous and always worse in the morning. Turns out it’s autoimmune inflammation and Naproxen works really well (but comes with a lot of risks so can’t use it full time or for very long, d’oh). Are they sure the pain around your eyes is from corneal neuralgia? I don’t know where the nerves are that are affected and how far around they spread, but it just made me think of inflammation. I suppose because that would be an easier thing to deal with to see if you could get some relief in the short term. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get the new meds prescribed soon and that they can help take the edge off it.

    Sending gentle hugs,

    PS. Love the photo by the Christmas tree, very pretty! xx

    • Thanks Caz. It’s the waiting for responses that gets to me, and having to chase everything. I’ve been on the phone chasing delivery of my serum eyedrops as I am down to my last box. They should be arriving this week. And as for the pain clinic, who knows how long it will take?! I don’t know about the autoimmune inflation, none of the doctors have mentioned that. There is no obvious swelling around my eyes, they just feel sore and puffy a lot of the time.

      Today they feel OK so I will be productive while I can… it’s time to wrap presents! 🙂

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