How Your Life Changes When You Become More Spiritual

We live in a culture that, on the whole, denies the existence of a spiritual side of life. The universe, we’re told, is entirely mechanistic and always follows rules, no matter what. 

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Unfortunately, the current picture of reality is incomplete. There is no explanation of why there is something rather than nothing, or how dumb matter can lead to conscious experience. And that means that there is still a lot of mystery out there. We can’t know for sure, but it does seem like we are living in a spiritual world. 

Spiritual awakening is a strange process. Some people can strive to achieve it all their lives and never get anywhere. Others don’t do anything, yet it overtakes them like an avalanche. 

The ancient Chinese philosophy of Daoism understood this well. In the primary Daoist text, Lao Tzu writes “the master does not strive for accomplishments, yet attains completion.” The idea here is that spiritual awakening isn’t something that we need to practice or aim for. Instead, it’s something that spontaneously happens once we cultivate spiritually fertile ground in our minds. 

Life changes tremendously when you become more spiritual. Once you leave the humdrum regular world behind and begin to explore the depths of what it means to be a person and have experiences, nothing is the same. 

You No Longer Cling To Things

A lot of people cling to things in their lives. It could be their jobs, relationships, money or health. But when you take a spiritual perspective, such clinging ceases to interest you. You have a much broader perspective on your own condition. 

In life, there is no point in clinging. We’re all headed for the same destination, so clinging to objects along the way doesn’t make much sense. In the long-run, we’re all dead. We will return to the nothingness from which we came. The spiritual person sees this and accepts it. 

You Can Detect Inauthenticity

When you don’t fully understand the spiritual landscape, it can be difficult to detect inauthenticity in your environment. People will often seem genuine to you, even if they have ulterior motives. 

However, once you enter a more spiritual space, the scales begin to fall away from your eyes. You’re better able to see the world as it really is, not the way that you wish it could be. 

Detecting inauthenticity is an important life skill, particularly in love and work. You don’t want to find yourself associating closely with people who do not have your best interests at heart. The spiritual person can often detect when there is a problem and avoid conflict or disappointment entirely. 

You Are Not Swayed By Attachment Or Aversion

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Attachment and aversion drive much of our mental lives. For instance, when we have a romantic partner, we feel attached to them. Sometimes, we feel possessive of them. Attachment is a psychological state where we feel that we need the other person to feel healthy and happy. 

However, attachment comes with costs. Often, people will let us down. They will lie, cheat and steal. In these cases, attachment can become a source of pain. The person we thought loved us doesn’t. 

Something similar happens with aversion. Being around certain people can make us feel awkward, uncomfortable and generally unpleasant. We wish that we could get away from them. 

The spiritual person, however, isn’t particularly swayed by either of these sensations. They’re not numb to the world around them, but they don’t take it too seriously. They know in advance that lovers will cheat, so they prefer to concern themselves with the relationship as it is now. They also know that some people will be unpleasant, but they remind themselves that all bad things will pass. 

You Keep Noticing Patterns

Spiritual awakening rarely happens in isolation. Instead, once a person becomes spiritual, the world reflects their spirituality back at them. For instance, if you see angel number 555 in your environment, it means that you’re on a spiritual path, according to Heart Beat Angels

When you become spiritual, it seems that the universe knows that something has changed. Wild beasts will not attack you. Enemies will find no place to thrust their swords. These subtle changes on the outside reflect a profound alteration on the inside. 

Your Life Becomes One Of Service

Spiritual people do not hoard their treasures. Instead, they give everything they have to others, gaining more, the more they give. 

This seems like a strange thing to say. The non-spiritual person is highly concerned about other people taking advantage of their generosity. They worry that they will get nothing in return. 

But this is a fundamentally selfish attitude that the spiritual person shakes off. Their purpose becomes giving. Anything they receive in return is little more than renewed fodder so that they can continue giving more. 

Take a look at many of the most successful people in the world. They’re obsessed with giving. The more they give, the wealthier they become. 

You Enjoy Solitude

While spiritual people do many things to help others, they also enjoy solitude. They’re able to spend hours, days and even weeks alone without feeling the slightest touch of loneliness or need for distraction. They are at peace in their own minds. 

You Are More Connected To Nature

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Modern society rips us from our natural circumstances and encourages us to lead clinical, sterile and generally dull lives. But as you become more spiritual, you develop a deeper understanding of the glory of nature. 

Nature does everything by itself. And, from what we can tell, it is all wholly effortless. What’s more, nature gives us everything that we need (including our brains for developing tools). Therefore, the spiritual personal venerates nature, accepting its central importance in a happy and healthy life.

You Don’t Feel Anxious

Lastly, spiritual people tend to be exceptionally low on the anxiety scale. Nothing gets to them because they always preserve their inner peace. They are often two people: the outer personality going around in the world, doing things that people do, and the inner meditative mind – somebody who is unfazed in the presence of chaos.

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