#Ad: Firewood and Eco Fuel from White Horse Energy

Happy October! We are moving into the cold season and my thoughts are turning to a cosy fire, a hot chocolate, and snuggling under my blanket on the sofa.

I recently received a shipment of eco fuel, kiln dried logs, kindling and natural firelighters for review. Since having my multi-fuel stove installed in our living room a couple of years ago, I have struggled to find a regular supply of firewood. Living in a rural area I naively assumed I could collect logs and do it the old-fashioned way. Of course, it didn’t quite work like that. I don’t have time or strength to gather enough logs and offcuts of wood, to store them long enough to dry out, and to chop them down to size for my stove. I need to have them ready-prepared.

White Horse Energy is the UK’s largest supplier of firewood and briquettes, and they kindly sent me a selection of kiln dried logs, briquettes, Ruf fire blocks, kindling and natural firelighters. The firelighters are brilliant! I have used different ones previously and always had to add more because they often wouldn’t light the logs or coal in my stove. These natural firelighters are quite large, so you only need to use four-six in a standard stove, they are easy to light, and they burn well. I like that I can order a box of 200 Eco Blaze Natural Firelighters because the smaller packets that I previously bought from local shops didn’t last for long. We use our fire every night during cold weather, so you imagine how much fuel we use.

I love the aesthetic of a log fire. Kiln dried logs evoke a romantic feeling, they smell nice when they burn, and the crackling sound is soothing to hear. You can order kiln dried logs in bulk from White Horse Energy, so you don’t have to worry about carrying bags of them back from the local supermarket or hardware shop. Similarly, you can order kindling in the quantities that you prefer, and since we use a lot of kindling to start a decent fire, it is worth stocking up. The logs I received burned very well and I was happy with the way they were packed and delivered.

There are alternative fuel options available for log burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves. I was a bit dubious to try the Eco Blaze Pini Kay Briquettes that I received. They don’t look particularly attractive, and they are packaged in non-recyclable plastic. They do burn very well and they last for a few hours in my multi-fuel stove so some days I prefer using the briquettes to using the kiln dried logs. They are also much easier to set alight, so you don’t have to keep checking on the fire as it settles.

Finally, I tried Eco Blaze Ruf Fire Blocks. These look like compacted sawdust, and I like the smell. They are easy to store in my fuel shed, and they are more cost-effective than kiln dried logs. As with the briquettes, you can use fewer Ruf Fire blocks in your stove and they will burn for a few hours, so they offer an easy, cheap method for heating your living room. They do come wrapped in non-recyclable plastic but that ensures that they arrive ready to burn without needing time to dry out in storage.

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3 Responses to #Ad: Firewood and Eco Fuel from White Horse Energy

  1. Don says:

    Hi Spooky – I enjoyed your informative post re White Horse Energy products. I have yet to come across their product but perhaps they haven’t reached the Scottish Highlands yet.
    I too am heating my house by logfire and have found non kiln dried wood to be not what I remember it from my long gone childhood.
    No worries – we have found a reliable supplier of kiln dried birch logs which I believe are sourced in Latvia but are better quality than any others we have tried so far.
    For my sins I find I count the logs as I burn them one at a time – a good log will burn for an hour while a rubbishy small one will last 20 mins or so. This plus a blanket on the couch in the evening is what life as a pensioner has come to.
    We only use the fire from 5-9 o’clock while we watch telly – chat or read but it is such a comfort and Seamus our cat and Loki our dog appreciate these warm evenings in front of the fire as much as we do 👍

    • Hi Don, thanks for commenting. You can order from White Horse Energy online and I’m sure they will be able to deliver in your neck of the woods. I also count how long each log burns for, and then I decide which evening I want/need a longer lasting fire. Our dog and cat enjoy cosy nights too 🙂

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